Irish Names from A to W (there aren't any X, Y, or Z names!)





The abbreviations in the "category" column are: A=anglicization T= traditional name Tr= Irish translation of a non-Irish name M= modern creation P= place name L= last name, S= saint name.
Name (gender) Category Pronunciation Other Forms Origin/Meaning
Cabe L KAIB Mac Caba a cape
Cabra/Cabragh P CAB ra - "poor land"
Cadden L KAD den Mac Cadáin ?
Cagney L KAG nee Ó Cáingne tribute or exaction
Cahey/Caughey L KA hee, KAW hee Mac Eachaidh son of Eachaidh
Cairbre T/S KAR bryeh Carbry charioteer, bearer
Cairell (m) T CA rel Kerrill, Karel, Coireall, Cyril meaning is unknown
Caiseal M,P CASH ul Cashel castle
Caislín M,P CASh leen Cashlin, Cashleen little castle
Caitlín (f) Tr KOYT hleen Catherine, Kathleen from Greek, traditionally means " pure," although the original meaning has been lost.
Caitlin, Katelyn (f) M KAIT lin Kaitlyn, Caitlyn- has an infinite # of spellings modern English pronunciation of Cáitlín--Irish form of Catherine
Caitrín (f) Tr KOYT hreen Catherine from Greek, traditionally associated with the word "pure," although the original meaning has been lost.
Caitríona (f) Tr coyt HREE a na Catherine, Catrina from Greek, traditionally associated with the word "pure," although the original meaning has been lost.
Calbhach (m) T COL vakh Calvagh Charles bald
Callan P CAL lan - dim. of Cathal, meaning "strong in battle"
Callinan L CAL I nin Ó Callanáin dim. of Cathal, meaning "strong in battle"
Camlin P CAM lin - crooked line
Canavan L CAN I vin Ó Ceanndubháin possibly means "black head" (i.e. dark-haired)
Caoilfhionn (f) T,S KEE lin, KWAY linn Keelin, Kaylin, Caoilinn, Caoileann fair and slender
Caoimhe (f) T KEE va, KWEE va Keeva, Keavy beauty or grace
Caoimhín (m) T KEE veen, KWEE veen Kevin,Cáemgen beautiful birth, comely child
Cara (f) M KAR a, KAIR a Kara, Carragh Irish word for " friend"
Carey L CAIR ee Ó Ciardha, Mac Fhiacra either "dark" or " son of Fiachra"
Carley L CAR lee Mac Fhearghaile son of Fergal
Carlin/Carolan L CAR lin, CAR a lin Ó Cairealláin son of Cairealláin
Carragh P CAR ra an cora weir
Carran P CAR ran - meaning unknown
Carrick P CAR rick an Carraig rock
Carrigan P/L CAR I gan Kerrigan, Carigan little rock
Casey L CAY see O/Mac Cathasach/Ceasaigh vigilant in war
Cashel M,P CASH ul Caiseal Castle
Cashlin M,P CASH lin, CASH leen Caislín little castle
Cass (m) T CAS Cas curly-haired
Cassair (m) T CAS sir - curly-haired
Cassán (m) L CAS awn Cassan little curly-haired one
Cassidy T CASS i dee Ó Caiside meaning is unknown
Cathaír (m) T KA heer Cahir, Cathaoir battle lord?
Cathal (m) T,S KA hul Cahal, Cahill, Charles strong in battle
Cathán (m) T,S CA hawn Cahan, Kane, Cahán battler
Cavan P CAV in - the hollow
Cavanagh/Cavanna L CAV a na see Kavanagh
Ceallach (m/f) T,S KAL ukh Kelly bright headed
Ceara (f) T,S KYAR a, KA ra Cara, Carra fiery red
Cearbhall T KYAR ul Cearúl, Carroll, Charles brave in sword-fighting; valorous in battle
Cian (m) T KEE in Keane ancient
Ciar (f) T,S KEE ir Keir, Kira, Ciara black; dark
Ciara (f) M KEE a ra, KEER a Kiera, Kira dark
Ciarán (m) T,S KEE a rawn Kieran black
Cillén, Cillian (m) T,S KIL ee an Killian, Cillín, Cilléne church
Cináed (m) T KIN awd Kenneth, Cinneath, Cináeth, Cinnead from Pictish, ??
Clady P CLAY dee - ground hardened from trampling/muddy place
Clancy L CLAN see Mac Fhlannchaidh red warrior?
Clare P CLAIR an Clar flat place
Cliffony P CLIFF o nee - grove of the hurdles
Clíodhna (f) T KLEE uh na Cliona, Cleana, Clíona meaning is unknown.
Clodagh (f) M,P KLO da - river in Co. Tipperary
Cody L CO dee Mac Oda son of Otto
Coilean (m) T CUL yin Colin, Collin whelp
Coilín (m) Tr CUL in Nicholas, Colin from the Norman pet form of Nicholas (Greek)- victory of the people
Coinneach (m, sometimes f) T, S KAN yakh Cainneach, Canice, Charles, Kenny sorrowful
Colleen (f) M col LEEN Coleen, Cailín Irish word for " girl." This was first used as a first name by the actress Colleen Moore (born Kathleen Morrison) in the 1920s.
Collins L COL lins Ó Coilean whelp; young warrior
Colm T,S CULL um Colman from Latin- " dove"
Colmán (m) T,S KUL mawn Colman, Colm from Latin- " dove"
Comhghall (m) T,S KU wull Cowal, Comgal "fellow hostage"
Conaire (m) T CUN na reh Connery possibly, "wolf farmer"
Conall (m) T,S KUN al Connell, Conal strong as a wolf
Conán (m) T,S KUN awn conan hound or wolf
Conchobhar (m) T KRU hur Conor, Conchobar, Cornelius, Corney lover of hounds
Conlan L CON lan Ó Conneláin, Ó Caoindealbhain can be either "strong as a wolf", or "fair; comely shape."
Conlaodh (m) T,S Kun lee Conley, Conleth, Conláed prudent fire
Conleth (m) A,S CON leth Connlaodh chief lord
Conn (m) T KUN, KOWN, KON Constantine wisdom; chief
Connell (m) A,S CON nel Conall strong as a wolf
Connemara P con na MAR a - the conmacne people of the sea
Connery L CON ner e Ó Conaire wolf farmer?
Connor L KON nur Ó/Mac Conchobháir grandson/son [descendant of] Conchobhar ("lover of hounds")
Conor (m) A CON ner Conchobhar lover of hounds
Conrí (m) T, A CUN ree - wolf king
Corcoran L COR cor an Mac corcráin purple
Corey L COR ee Gofraidh, Godfrey Irish form of Godfrey
Corley L COR lee Ó Thoirdealbhaigh abettor; instigator
Cormac (m) T,S KUR a mac/COR mick Charles son of the defiler? charioteer?
Corr P COR corr round hill
Corroy P cor ROY corr ruadh russet round hill
Coulter L COAL ter Ó Coltair place name
Cuán (m) T KOO awn Cúán diminutive of Cu, meaning "hound"
Cullen L CUL len O/Mac Cuilinn "holly"
Cúmhaí (m) T koo VEE, koo EE Hughey, Quinton hound of the plain
Curnán (m) T KUR nawn Curnan meaning is unknown
Curran L CUR ren Ó Corráin possibly, "spear"