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FOR REAL: Erin comes from Ériu, one of the 3 Celtic goddess of Ireland (Celtic goddesses often come in threes, hence the easy adoptibility of the Christian trinity in early Christian times). Ireland was named for Ériu, the current Irish form, Éire, being the Modern Irish version of the name. Erin is an anglicization of Éireann, or literally, "belonging to Ériu." Erin is a form of "Ireland" used to portray a poetic, romantic portrait of Ireland in poetry and literature. As a girls' name, it was not used in Ireland until recently, long after it had been popular as a name in the USA and Canada. Irish-flavored name that were not used as given names in Ireland became popular in the USA in the mid 20th century (i.e., Colleen, Kerry), Erin is one of the ones that transcended its Irish connotations and became popular among people with no Irish ancestry as well.


related names: Aran, Arran (other names similar sounding to Erin that are occasionally used as alternate forms, based on islands off the coasts of Ireland and Scotland.)