Names By Meaning


Looking for a name that means something specific? Here are Welsh names grouped by subject:


Name Pronunciation Meaning other forms
Aerfen IRE ven "renowned in battle"
Alec AL ek form of Alexander meaning "people" + "victory" .
Alys (f) AH lis from Alice, an English name derived from the germanic Adelheidis meaning 'noble"
Arial ar EE al "vigor; courage" .
Awsten OW sten from Latin Augustine, meaning "great; magnificent" .
Cadell CAD ell "battle" .
Cadfael CAD vyle "battle prince" .
Cadog CAH dok "battle" Cadoc
Cadwaladr cad WALL ah dur "battle leader" Cadwallader
Cadwallon cad WAHL on from cad "battle" and wallon "scatterer" or "leader" .
Cadwgan cad UG in "battle" Cadogan
Gerallt GER ahlt Welsh form of Gerald, which is from Old English meaning "spear-rule"
Gwaednerth GWYDE nerth "blood" + "strength"
Gwatcyn GOO ot kin "little Walter." Walter is from Germanic elements meaning "ruler" and "army; warrior".
Gwilym GWIL im Welsh form of William, "will; desire" + "helmet"
Gwythyr GWEE thur Welsh form of Victor meaning "victor; conqueror" Gwydyr
Ifor IH vor Welsh form of Ivor, which comes from a Norse personal name made from elements meaning "yew; bow" and "army; warrior."
Morfudd MOR vith "great" + either "victory" or "knowledge"
Rhisiart RHISH art form of Richard "brave" + "power; rule"
Rhun HREE un "great"