Names By Meaning


Looking for a name that means something specific? Here are Welsh names grouped by subject:


Name Pronunciation Meaning other forms
Amranwen (m) am RAN wen "white eyelid "
Andreas (m) AN dray ahs form of Andrew, from Greek meaning 'man' .
Annwr (m) ANN ur could be derived from either the Latin Honorius "honor", or from Welsh words meaning "very golden"
Bronwen (f) BRON wen breast + gwyn, Meaning "holy; white; pure"
Brychan (m) BREE khan freckled .
Ceinwen (f) KYNE wen elegant; fine + gwyn, Meaning "holy; white; pure"
Eilwen (f) EYLE wen "white-browed"
Eurfron IRE vron "golden-breasted"
Fychan (m) VEE khan "small" Vaughan
Geraint (m) GER ine't Welsh form of the Latin Gerontius meaning possibly, "old man"
Glanmor GLAN more this name is made up of the words meaning "clean; bright" and "great"
Glesni GLES nee "blueness; freshness"
Gwenhwyfar (f) gwen WEE var "white; beautiful and smooth" Jennifer, Gaynor, Gwynhwyfar
Gwyladus (f) goo'eel AD is form of Latin Claudia, meaning "lame." Gladys
Gwyn GWIN white; pure; blessed; holy Wyn
Heledd (f) HEL eth "good" + "wound"
Lloyd (m) HLO eed "grey" or "holy" Llwd, Llwyd
Llyr (m) HL eer "grey-haired"
Mabon (m) MAH bon "child"-- a Celtic god of youth.
Meilyr MY lur "man of iron"
Meinwen MINE wen slender + gwyn ("white; holy; pure")
Meurig (m) MAY rik from Latin mauricious, "dark-skinned"
Modwen (f) MODE wen "maiden "
Moelwyn (m) MOIL win "bare; white"
Pawl (m) POWL Welsh form of Paul, "small"
Rhian HREE an maiden
Rhiannon hree AN on "maiden" + -on, a divine ending
Rhondda HRON tha "slender " Rhonda
Seirian say REE an "sparkling"
Seiriol SYR yole "shining; bright one "
Selwyn (m) SEL win Welsh form of Julian, "downy-bearded (i.e., youthful)"
Siriol SIH ree ol "bright "
Sulwyn (m) SIL win "fair; white" + "sun"
Taliesin (m) tal YESH in "radiant brow "
Tomos (m) TOE mahs Welsh form of Thomas meaning "a twin"