Names By Meaning


Looking for a name that means something specific? Here are Welsh names grouped by subject:


Name Pronunciation Meaning other forms
Addfwyn (m) ATH vwin meek
Anarawd an AH rodd most eloquent .
Brice (m) BRYCE son of Rhys, which means "ardor" Bryce
Caradog (m) car AH doc lover; loving person Caradoc
Conan CAW nan possibly meaning "to grumble" .
Dilys (f) DIL lees "sincere; genuine"-- a 19th century coinage.
Eiriol (f) eye REE ol "beseeching" or derived from the word for "snow"
Eleri (f) eh LEH ree an ancient Welsh name whose meaning is disputed, but may be "very bitter." It's also the name of a river, but the two may not be connected. Meleri, Teleri
Elwyn (m) EL win kind + gwyn, Meaning "holy; white; pure"
Grigor (m) GRIH gor Welsh form of Gregorius, a Latin name derived from Greek meaning "watchful; vigilant."
Gwenfor GWIN vor holy; white, + "great"-- a 20th century coinage.
Gwerful GWER vul bend; ring; circle + "shy; modest" Gweiryl, Gweirfyl
Gwydderig gwi THER ik wild or "conspicuous"
Gwyddno GWITH no knowledge + "fame"
Gwyn GWIN white; pure; blessed; holy Wyn
Heini (m or f) HEY nee sprightly; active
Heledd (f) HEL eth good + "wound"
Hywel (m) HOW el eminent
Hywela (f) hoo WEL a feminine of Hywel, meaning "eminent"
Ilar (m) IL ar form of Latin Hilarius [Hilary] "cheerful"
Madog MA doc generous; forgiving Madoc, Maddox
Meilyr MY lur man of iron
Modron (f) MODE ron Celtic goddess, "great Mother"
Nerys (f) NEH ris lordly
Powel (m) POE wel son of Hywel Hywel means "eminent"
Pwyll POO uhl prudence; wisdom
Rhys (m) HREES ardor Rees, Reece, Reese
Tirion TIH ree on gentle; happy
Trystan (m) TRIH stan Meaning is disputed-- possibly means "noisy."