Names By Meaning


Looking for a name that means something specific? Here are Welsh names grouped by subject:


Betrys BET rees Welsh form of Beatrice, "voyager"
Brythonwen bree THON wen "Briton" + gwyn ("white; holy; pure")
Cospatrick COS pat rick an anglicization of a name meaning "servant of St. Patrick" .
Crystyn KRIS stin from Latin Christina, meaning 'Christian."
Cynfab KEEN fab "first son" .
Cynfael KEEN fyle from cyn meaning "chief" and mael meaning "prince" or "armor" .
Emyr EM ur "King; lord." The name of a sixth century saint.
Ffraid FRYDE Welsh form of Bríd (Brigid) meaning "exalted one" or "high goddess" .
Fflamddwyn FLAM thwin "flame-bearer"
Gruffydd GRIF ith Part of this name is derived from a word meaning "prince." The other part is unknown. Griffith, Gruffudd
Gwynfor GWIN vor "holy; white" + "lord"
Heilyn HYE lin "cup-bearer"
Idwal ID wal "lord of the ramparts"
Illtyd EELL tood "lord of everything"
Iolo YO lo A short form of Iorweth, which means "worthy lord"
Iorweth YOR weth "worthy lord" Yorath
Llywelyn hlee WEL in "leader" Llewellyn
Mael MYLE "prince"
Maelgwyn MYLE gwin "prince" + gwyn, Meaning "holy; white; pure"
Maelgwn (m) MYLE goon "prince" + "hound; wolf" .
Maelmadog myle MAD oc "follower; servant of Madoc" Marmaduke
Maelona mye LONN a feminine of Maelon, meaning 'prince.' Lona
Maelorwen mye LAR wen prince(?) + gwyn ("white; holy; pure")
Manon MAH non "queen; most beautiful"
Meirion may REE on possibly, Dairy farmer"
Meredudd meh RED ith "great lord" Mareddyd, Meredith, Meriadoc
Meudwen MAYD wen from the words "hermit" + gwyn Meaning "holy; white; pure"
Rhiannon hree AN on possibly derived from rhiain "maiden" or from the name of a moon goddess.
Rhydderch HREE therkh "great king"
Sara SAH ra Welsh form of Sarah. "princess"
Sior SHOR Welsh form of George, which means "farmer" in Greek.
Tangwystl tang WOO'EE stil "peace" + "hostage; pledge"
Tewdwr TEH'OO dur derived from elements meaning "people; tribe" and "ruler; king" Tudur, Tudor