Names By Meaning


Looking for a name that means something specific? Here are Welsh names grouped by subject:


Beynon BEY ih non "son of Einion." Einion means "anvil." .
Crisiant KREES yant "crystal"
Eiluned eye LIN ed form of Luned, which is possibly derived from "idol; image"
Einion eye NEE on "Anvil" .
Gwendolen gwen DO len "white; holy; pure" + "ring; bow" Gwendoline, Gwendolyn
Gwerful GWER vul "bend; ring; circle" + "shy; modest" Gweiryl, Gweirfyl
Luned LIN ed possibly derived from "idol; image" Linnet, Lynette
Rhein (m) HRYNE "spear" .
Rheinallt (m) HRYNE ahlt "spear" + "hill" Reynold
Rhodri HROD ree "circle; disc; crown"
Steffan STEF an Welsh form of Stephen, meaning "crown."