Here are all the names from the lists on this site alphabetized into one. The "category" tells what type of name it is. Check that individual page for more information on what it means. Note: I have put pretty much all the place names and surnames into both the Girls and Boys categories since they are pretty much gender-free.
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Girls' Names: A-B C-D
Boys' Names: A-B




Girls' Names: C

Name Pronunciation Category Meaning/Origin Other Forms
Cabe CABE Surname "a cape" Mac Caba
Cabra/Cabragh CAB ra Place name "poor land" An Chabrach
Cadden CAD den Surname possibly, "wild goose." Mac Cadáin
Cagney CAG nee Surname "tribute" or "exaction" Ó Caingne
Cahey/Caughey CAY hee, CAW hee, COF fee Surname possibly; "youthful one" Mac Eachaidh
Cairenn CAR in Translation translation of Carina
Cáit, Cáitín KAWTCH, CAWTCH een Translation dim. of Caitlín; translation of Kate, Katie, Kathy Caitlín
Cáitlín, Caitrín, Cáitriona KOYT hleen, KOYT hreen, koyt HREE uh na Translation translation of Catherine/Katherine/Kathryn Cáit, Caitín
Caitlin, Katelyn KATE lynn Modern An English phonetic pronunciation of the Irish name Caitlín. Caitlín, Catherine
Callahan/Callaghan CALL uh han Surname possibly, "strife." Ó Ceallacháin
Callan CAL lan Place name from Neil Caille, 9th century high king of Ireland Callainn
Callan CAL lun Surname "strong in battle" Ó Cathaláin
Callinan CAL lin nan Surname ? Ó Callanáin
Camlin CAM lin Place name crooked pool An Chamlinn
Canavan CAN uh vin Surname possibly from ceann "head" + dubh "black" + diminutive ending Ó Ceanndubháin
Candacae KAN uh dac ah eh? (really this is so convoluted I an not sure what they have in mind) Biblical transliteration of Candace
Caoilfhionn KEE lin; KWAY linn Traditional caol "slender" + fionn "white; fair-haired" Keelin; Kaylin; Caoilinn; Caoileann
Caoimhe KEE va; KWEE va Traditional from caem "beautiful; beloved" Keeva; Keavy
Cara CA ra, CARE a Modern The Irish word for 'friend,' this name has been used since the 20th century. It's also the Italian word for 'dear.'
Carey CARE ee Surname dark/ son of the battle-king Ó Ciardha/Mac Fhiacra
Carlin/Carolan CAR lin, CAR oh lin Surname from cearbh "hacking"-- probably with the implied meaning of a fierce warrior Ó Cairealláin
Carragh CAR rah Place name "weir" an cora
Carran CAR run Place name "the cairn" an carn
Carrick CARE ick Place name "rock" an Carraig
Carrigan CAR ig gun Place name "little rock" an Charraigín
Casey KAY see Surname "vigilant; watchful" Ó/Mac Cathasach/Ceasaigh
Cashel CASH ul Place name "castle" Caiseal
Cashlin CASH lin Place name "little castle" Caislín
Cassidy CASS id ee Surname possibly, "curly-haired." Ó Caiside
Cavan CAV un Place name "the hollow" an Cabhán
Cavanagh CAV uh na Surname "descendant or follower of St. Caomhán" Caomhanach
Ceallach (m/f) KAL ukh Traditional possibly "bright-headed" or "strife; contention" Kelly
Ceara KYAR a Traditional "fiery red" Cara; Carra
Ceol K'YULL Modern The Irish vocabulary word for "music," this was used as a name by Edele Lynch a musician in the band B*Witched.
Chlóé KHLO ay Biblical transliteration of Chloe
Ciar KEE ir Traditional "black" Keir; Kira; Ciara
Ciara KEE uh ra Modern modern feminine of the name Ciarán. Elaboration of the name Ciar. In the USA, it is also sometimes an alternate spelling of Sierra, or pronounced see-ARE-a, a name of a popular fragrance of perfume. The name of the fragrance was coined after Ceres, the Roman goddess of the harvest. Kiara, Kiera, Ciar
Cizíá kiz EE aw Biblical transliteration of Keziah
Clady CLAY dee Place name "ground hardened from trampling/muddy place" Claidigh
Clancy CLAN see Surname flann "red + cath "battle; warrior" Mac Fhlannchaidh
Clare CLAIR Place name "flat place" an Clar
Cliffony CLIF fun ee Place name "grove of the hurdles, hurdled thicket" Cliathmhuine
Clíona KLEE uh na Traditional from Celtic mythology; meaning is possibly "shapely." Cliona; Cleana; Clíodhna
Clodagh KLO da Modern the name of a river in Tipperary, 1st used as a name by the Marquis of Waterford for his daughter. Popular in Ireland ever since. Clodach
Clora Clothra Anglicization "famous"
Clothra KLO ra Traditional possibly, "famous" Clora
Cobhlaith KUV uh la Traditional cob "victory" + flaith "princess; lady; soverign" Cowley
Cody CO dee Surname "son of Otto" Mac Oda
Coinneach (m sometimes f) CON yach Traditional possibly from caoin "beautiful"  Cainneach, Canice,Charles, Kenny
Colleen coll EEN Modern From the Irish word cailín meaning 'girl,' this word was coined as a name for an American film star in the 1920's. It is not used in Ireland today, but was very popular in the USA in past decades. It is also the slang term for an Irish woman in Britain, and used as a slang term sometimes for a country woman in Ireland.  
Collins COL lins Surname "whelp" Ó Coilean
Conlan CON lun Surname "lord; great chief" Ó Connaláin
Connemara con neh MAR a Place name the conmacne people of the sea Conmacne Mara
Connery CON ner ee Surname probably derived from a word meaning "hound" Ó Conaire
Corcoran COR co run Surname "purple" Mac Corcráin
Corey CORE ee Surname "son of Godfrey" Mac Godhfraigh
Corley CORE lee Surname "instigator; abettor" Mac Thoirdealbhaigh
Corr COR Place name "round hill" corr
Corroy cor ROY Place name "russet round hill" corr ruadh
Coulter COLE tur Surname from Ballycolter, a place meaning "town of the back country" Ó Coltair
Craobhnait CREEV nit Traditional "branch; garland" Cróeb
Crístíona KREE shtee uh na Translation translation of Christina, Christine, Krista etc.  
Cróine CRO in yeh Traditional crón "yellow; saffron-colored, swarthy" Crón
Cróinseach CRONE shakh Traditional crón "yellow; saffron-colored, swarthy" + feminine ending Crónsech
Cúach KOO akh Traditional meaning is unknown -
Cullen CULL lin Surname "holly" Ó/Mac Cuilinn
Curran CUR run Surname "spear" Ó Corráin
Girls' Names: D
Daghain DEIN Traditional possibly from dag "good" Dagain
Dáirine DAW rin yeh Traditional "fruitful; fertile" Darina
Dáirinn DAWR inn Traditional possibly, "sullen" or more likely, "daughter of Fionn" Derinn; Dorind, Darina, Doireann, Dorind, Doreen, Dorothy, Dolly
Damhnait DAV nat Traditional "fawn" Devnet; Davnat; Damhnat, Dymphna
Dana DAN a (not Day-na-that's a whole different name) Modern a modern form of the name of the Celtic goddess Anu. This name has been popularized recently by the Northern Irish singer Dana (b. Rosemary Scanlon)  
Dana, Danna DAN na Anglicization pronouced DAN-a (NOT like day-na), it's an anglicization of the name of a Celtic goddess whose name means "wealth; abundance" Ana, Anu, Danu
Dara, Derry Dáire Anglicization "fruitful; to make fertile"  
Daráine dar AWN yeh Traditional "daughter of Áine [Celtic goddess] Der Áine
Darby DAR bee Modern This is an English name that came to Ireland in the 16th century. It became associated with Ireland thanks to the 1959 Disney film Darby O'Gill and the Little People and the books it was based on by British author Herminie Templeton Kavanagh (1861-1933)  
Darina Dáiríne Anglicization "fruitful; to make fertile"  
Darova Dar Óma Anglicization "daughter of [the Celtic god] Ogmios"  
Deaborá DEB or aw Biblical transliteration of Deborah Gobnait
Dealbhnait D'YALv nat Traditional possibly from delb, "shape" + diminutuve ending. Delbnat
Dealla D'YAL a Traditional meaning is unknown Della, Dalla
Dearbhail DJAR val Traditional "Daughter of Fál" (another name of Ireland) or "true desire." Derval
Deirbhile DJIR vil a Traditional "daughter of a poet" Dervla, Dervila
Deirdre DAIR dreh, DEER dra Traditional perhaps "chatterer" or "woman," or could be derived from a name beginning with der- meaning "daughter (of)" Deirdre; Deedra; Deirdriu
Delaney deh LAY nee Surname possibly "dark health" or refers to the river Slaney Ó Dubhshlaine
Derval, Dervila, Dervla DER vul, DER vuh la Anglicization May mean either "daughter of Fál" (a Celtic goddess and another name for Ireland) or "daughter of a poet" Dearbháil
Devasse, Devassa Duibheasa Anglicization "dark haired lady of the waterfall"  
Devlin DEV lin Surname "unlucky; unfortunate" Ó Dobhailein
Devnet DEV net Anglicization dam "stag; ox" + diminutive ending Damhnait
Dilíleá dih LEE l'yaw Biblical transliteration of Delilah  
Dillon DIL lun Surname hiberno-norman name- perhaps relating to lions or the place name Lyons Diolun/deLeon
Díneá DEE naw Biblical transliteration of Dinah  
Donegal dun nee GAL Place name "fort of the stranger" Dun na nGall
Donegan DUN nig un Surname either "brown" or "king; lord" Ó Donnagáin
Doran DOR run Surname "exiled person" Ó Deoráin
Dorren Doireann Anglicization "daughter of Fionn"  
Draighean DRYNE Traditional draigen, "blackthorn" Draigen
Duana DOO uh na Modern This is a form of the Irish word duan, meaning "poem" or "song."  
Dublin DUB lin Place name black pool/town of the ford of the hurdles Dubh linn/Baile Atha Cliath
Dufach DUFF akh Traditional dubh "dark; black; dark-haired or complectioned" Dubhthach
Duff DUF Surname "dark; black, dark-haired" Dubh
Duffy DUF fee Surname "dark; black, dark-haired" Ó Dubhthaigh
Dugan DOO gun Surname "dark; black, dark-haired" Ó Dubhgáin
Dunfhlaith DUN a la Traditional donn "brown (haired)" + flaith "princess" Dunla; Donnfhlaith; Dunflaith
Dunla DUN uh la Anglicization dún "fortress" + flaith "lady; princess" Dúnlaith
Dymphna DIMPF na Anglicization dam "stag; ox" + diminutive ending Damhnait