Baby Names of the Rich and/or Famous

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Like it or not, celebrities are a major force behind name popularity. I mean, not that in 5 years everyone will be naming their children Apple and Ka-El, but celebrities often start trends that eventually trickle down to us regular folks. Witness the rising popularity of Isabella and Jack-- they've been pretty standard for celebrities for years, but they are just hitting the top 10 for the rest of us. Watch out for Oscar and Oliver in the next few years!

Here are the names of some celebrities' (included are musicians, actors, writers, historical figures, various types of athletes, scientists etc.) children, young and old. Some "celebrity babies" are old enough to have their own children and grandchildren these days-- follow the generational naming trends!

we have them listed by Baby Name: A B C D E F G H-I  J  K L M N OPQ R S T UVWXYZ
and also by Celebrity:    A-B  C-D EFG  HIJ  K-L MN OPQ R ST U-Z

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