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Cai Bella (2013) Ludacris (rapper) & Tamika Fuller  


David Cronenberg (film director)


Caitlin Ann (1981)

Shaun Cassidy (singer/actor)


Cal (1990)

Laura Innes (E.R. actor)


Cal (1995)

Bill Murray (actor)


Cal (1997)

Julianne Moore (actor)


Caleb (2005)

Shaun Cassidy (singer/actor)


Caleb James (2008)

Bo Bice (singer)


Caledonia Jean-Marie

Shawn Colvin (musician)

Caledonia is Latin for "Scotland"

Caley Leigh

Chevy Chase (actor)


Cali Tee

James Hetfield (musician, Metallica)


Calico Dashiell (f)

Alice Cooper (musician)


Calista (1962)

David Carradine (actor)


Calla Louise (1987)

Mare Winningham (actor)


Callum (1982)

Stuart Adamson (guitarist and singer of Big Country)


Callum Lyon (2008)

Kyle MacLachlan (actor) & Desiree Gruber (producer)


Calo Leon (2002)

Martin Gore (Depeche Mode)


Cambrie (1997)

Ricky Schroeder (actor)


Camden John (2012)

Nick Lachey (singer, 98 Degrees) & Vanessa (tv host)


Cameron Marley (m)

Jimmy Buffett (musician)


Cameron Mornell (1978)

Michael Douglas (actor)


Camilla (1984)

John Cleese (Monty Python actor/comedian)


Camille Harley (2006) Brody Dalle (musician, Distillers), Josh Homme (musician, Queens of the Stone Age, Kyuss)  


Telly Savalas (actor)


Cannon Edward (2000)

Larry King (tv host)


Carey (m) (1973)

Eric Idle (Monty Python actor)



Estelle Getty (actor)


Carl B. (1972)

Dennis Wilson (musician, the Beach Boys)

Carl is Wilson's middle name, as well as his brother's name


Gerald Levert (R&B singer)


Carmen (1978)

Cheech Marin (actor)


Carmen Gabriela (2013) Alec Baldwin (actor) & wife Hilaria

Carmen Jane (1968)

Robert Plant (musician, Led Zeppelin)


Carmen Noel (f) (2007)

Dominique Moceanu Canales (Olympic gymnast) She was born on Christmas, hence "Noel"

Carol (1944)

Nat "King" Cole (singer)


Carol (m)(1902-1940)

Robert Frost (poet)

Carole Lynne (1958)

Kenny Rogers (country musician)


Caroline Aberash Parker "Ash" (2006)

Mary-Louise Parker (actor)

Caroline is MLP's mother's name. Ash was adopted from Africa, and Aberash is an Amharic (spoken in Ethiopia) name meaning "shining."

Caroline Couric (1999)

Katie Couric (tv hostess)


Caroline Morgan

Jason Varitek (baseball player for Red Sox)



Charles Mingus (jazz musician/composer)



Dick van Dyke (actor)


Carys Zeta (2003)

Catherine Zeta-Jones & Michael Douglas (actors)



Beau Bridges (actor)


Casey (f) (twin, 1961)

Nat "King" Cole (singer)


Casey (m)

Ian Brown (musician, the Stone Roses)


Casey Xavier (1985)

Tom Waits (musician) & Kathleen Brennan (musician)


Cash Alexander (2007) Annabeth Gish (actor) "Alexander means leader of men, which is auspicious. But he doesn’t have to be a leader if he doesn’t want to. And Cash was a name that my husband loved and chose…it’s kind of cowboy-esque. It’s the name that we always liked the most [during pregnancy] but popped a few more names into the ring to have options. We were going to wait to see what he looked like…even though we knew he was going to be Cash."

Cash Anthony (2004)

Slash (guitarist, Guns n' Roses)


Cash Rich (2010)

John Rich (musician, Big and Rich) & wife Joan


Cashel Blake (m) (2002)

Daniel Day-Lewis (actor)


Cashton Charles

Kevin Millar (baseball player for the Red Sox)


Caspar Matthew (2003)

Claudia Schiffer (model)



David Cronenberg (film director)


Cassandra (1985)

Charlie Sheen (actor)


Cassidy (f) (1996)

Steve Austin "Stone Cold" (wrestler)


Cassidy Erin (1993) Frank (football player/commentator) & Kathie Lee Gifford (tv hostess)  

Cassius (2009)

Bobby Brown (musician) & Alicia Etheridge (manager)


Cassius (2000)

Damien Hirst (artist)


Cassius Paul (2000)

Balthazar Getty (actor)

Castor Virgil

James Hetfield (musician, Metallica)


Catalina (2005) Asia Carrera (porn star)  

Cathal Robert Gerard "Cal" (2006)

Sharon Corr (singer, the Corrs)



Frank Lloyd Wright (architect)


Catherine Clare

Crystal Gayle (country singer)


Catherine Louisa Saint Elmo Amelia Violet Elizabeth Presley Kirkwood

Curt Kirkwood (musician, the Meat Puppets)


Catherine Maggie (2007)

Neal McDonough (actor)



Woody Guthrie (folk singer)


Cayden Wyatt (2007)

Kevin Costner (actor)


Cecilia (1990)

Vera Wang (fashion designer)


Cecily (2001) Stella Tennant (model)  

Cedella (1967)

Bob Marley (reggae musician) & wife Rita

named after Marley's mom

Celeste (twin) (1996)

Pele (soccer star)

Pele's mother's name was also Celeste.

Ceol Sheila Barrett (2007)

Edele Lynch (musician, B*Witched)

'ceol' is the Irish Gaelic word for 'music.'

Chabeli (f) (1972)

Julio Iglecias (singer)


Chadwick Steven "Chad" (1960)

Steve McQueen (actor)


Chaia (1969)

Larry King (tv host)


Chance Armstrong (1999)

Larry King (tv host)



Nelly (rapper)


Chantal Sophia "Tessa"

Patricia Neal (actor) & Roald Dahl (author)


Charles (1952)

Charles Aznavour (singer/actor)


Charles (1998)

Jodie Foster (actor)


Charles (1814-1826)

Percy Bysshe Shelley (poet)


Charles Culliford Boz (1837)

Charles Dickens (writer)


Charles Ford (2003)

Harrison Frazer (golfer)


Charles III

Charles Mingus (jazz musician/composer)


Charles Malcolm (1983)

Malcolm McDowell & Mary Steenburgen (actors)


Charles McHugh "Charlie" (2003)

Chris O'Donnell (actor)


Charles Spencer "Charlie" (2003)

Russell Crowe (actor)

his mom's last name is Spencer

Charles Waring (1856-1858)

Charles Darwin (naturalist)


Charley (2001)

Mimi Rogers (actor)


Charlie (1965)

Martin Sheen (actor)


Charlie Austin (2000)

Jon Cryer (actor)


Charlie Axel (2009)

Tiger Woods (pro golfer) & Elin (wife)


Charlie John (1999)

Gary Oldman (actor)


Charlie Jr. (1925)

Charlie Chaplin (actor/director)


Charlie Tamara Tulip O'Connell (twin) (2008)

Rebecca Romijn & Jerry O'Connell (actors)

named Charlie after J.O.'s brother and Tamara after R.R.'s sister

Charlie West (2014)

David Arquette (actor) & Christina McLarty


Charlotte Judy Davis (Australian actor) & Colin Friels (Scottish actor)  


Sigourney Weaver (actor)


Charlotte (1972)

Pierce Brosnan & Cassandra Harris (actors)


Charlotte (2002)

Harry Connick Jr. (musician)


Charlotte Bryant (2013) Colin Hanks (actor) & Samantha Bryant (publicist)
Charlotte Clinton (2014) Chelsea Clinton (former First Daughter) & Marc Mezvinsky  

Charlotte Grace Prinze (2009)

Sarah Michelle Gellar & Freddie Prinze Jr. (actors)


Charlotte Janelle (1981)

Micky Dolenz (The Monkees drummer)


Charlotte Sarah (2000) Christa Miller (actor, "Scrubs")  

Chase Rolison (f) (2000)

T-Boz (musician, TLC)


Chastity Sun (1969)

Cher & Sonny Bono (musicians)


Chelsea (1988)

Mark Hamill (actor)


Chelsea (1988)

Tom Berenger (actor)


Chelsea Belle (1997)

Rosie O'Donnell (tv hostess)


Cheo (m)

Julius Erving (basketball)


Chester Marlon (1990)

Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson (actors)



Dee Snider (musician, Twisted Sister)


Cheyenne Genevieve (2009)

Chris Robinson (musician, The Black Crowes) & Allison Bridges)


Cheyenne Tarita (1970-1995)

Marlon Brando (actor)


Chimere Smith (m) (2006)

Ne-Yo (R&B singer)

Ne-Yo's real name is Shaffer Chimere Smith

China Wing Slick Kantner (1971)

Grace Slick & Paul Kantner (musicians, Jefferson Airplane)

"I was so intent on being original with my daughter's name, if I'd known Michelle [Phillip]'s kid was named Chynna, I probably would have called mine Xlopdy." --Grace Slick

Chloe (1985)

Candice Bergen (actor) & Louis Malle (film director)


Chloe (1993)

Tom Berenger (actor)


Chloe (2003)

Rupert Murdoch (media mogul)


Chloe Ava (2008)

Byron Allen (comedian/producer) & Jennifer Lucas (tv producer)


Chloe Rose (1986)

Olivia Newton-John (singer)


Chloe Sophia (2014) Donald Trump Jr. (son of businessman Donald Trump) & wife Vanessa  

Chordé (m)

Snoop Dogg (rapper)



Dick van Dyke (actor)



Telly Savalas (actor)



Terry Nichols (OK City terrorist)


Christian (twin, 1982)

Mel Gibson (actor/film director)


Christian Aaron Boulogne "Ari" (1962)

Nico (model/singer)


Christian Anthony Muniz (2001)

Marc Anthony (musician)

Muniz is Marc Anthony's real last name

Christian Casey (1998)

P. Diddy (rapper)


Christian Devi (1958)

Marlon Brando (actor)


Christian DuVal (1964)

Mike Nesmith (the Monkees guitarist)



Telly Savalas (actor)


Christina (1948) "Tina"

Frank Sinatra (singer)


Christina (1990)

Adam Curry (MTV VJ)


Christina Maria Aurelia (1991)

Maria Shriver (politician) & Arnold Schwarzenegger (actor/politician)

Aurelia is Schwarzenegger's mother's name

Christine (1974)

Tom Clancy (writer)



Billy Ray Cyrus (country musician)



Peter Jennings (tv newscaster)



Nia Peeples (actor)


Christopher (1962)

Charlie Chaplin (actor/director)


Christopher (1973)

Pierce Brosnan & Cassandra Harris (actors)


Christopher (1974)

Stephen Stills (musician, Crosby, Stills & Nash)


Christopher (2007)

Balls Mahoney (pro wrestler)


Christopher (twin, 1959)

James Doohan (actor)


Christopher Beau (1975)

Michael Landon (actor)


Christopher Cody (1982)

Kenny Rogers (country musician)


Christopher Edward (1955)

Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Wilding (actors)


Christopher Eugene Jr. "Chip" (2000)

Chris O'Donnell (actor)


Christopher Glenn

Donny Osmond


Christopher Nicholas (2005)

Chris Cornell (singer, Soundgarden/Audioslave)


Christopher Reuel (1924)

J.R.R. Tolkien (writer)


Christopher Sargent Shriver (1997)

Maria Shriver (politician) & Arnold Schwarzenegger (actor/politician)

Sargent is Shriver's father's name

Christopher Thomas Russell (1996)

Mark McKinney (Kids in the Hall actor/comedian)

Russell is McKinney's father's name

Christopher Wallace Jr. (1996)

Notorius B.I.G. & Faith Evans (musicians)


Christos James

Crystal Gayle (country singer)


Chudney Lane (f) (1975)

Diana Ross (singer)



Faith Evans (R&B singer)


Chynna (1968)

John & Michelle Phillips (musicians, The Mamas & the Papas)


Cicely Yasin (1988)

Sandra Bernhart (comic/actor)


Ciel Taylor Lamar (2009)

Niki Taylor (model) & Burney Lamar (NASCAR driver)

Ciel means "sky" in French

Cindy (1958)

Johnny Cash (country musician) & wife Vivian Liberto



Loretta Lynn (country singer)


Claire (2001)

James Cameron (film director) & Suzy Amis (actor)


Claire Olivia (1965)

Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward (actors)


Clara (1988)

Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist)


Clara Allegra Noel-Byron (1817-1822)

Lord Byron (poet)


Clara Everina (1817-1817)

Percy Bysshe Shelley (poet) & Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (writer)


Clara Mathilde (1996)

Ewan McGregor (actor)


Clarke Everett (2006)

Isaac Hanson (Hanson guitarist)

goes by Everett

Claudia (1944)

Dean Martin (singer/actor)


Claudia Rose (1993)

Michelle Pfeiffer (actor)


Clay (1981)

Annie Potts (actor)


Clementine (1980)

Cybill Shepard (actor)


Clementine DeVere Drummond (2004)

Claudia Schiffer (model)


Clementine Jane (2008)

Ethan Hawke (actor) & Ryan Hawke (former nanny)


Cleo Cole (1984)

Sam Elliott & Katharine Ross (actors)


Cleo Buckman Schwimmer (2011)

David Schwimmer (actor) & Zoe Buckman (photographer)


Clover Clementyne (2012)

Natasha Gregson Wagner & Barry Watson (actors)

Name was inspired by Inside Daisy Clover, a film starring Natalie Wood, Wagner's mother.

Clyde (1999)

Dermot Mulroney & Catherine Keener (actors)


Coco Gordon (1994)

Kim Gordon & Thurston Moore (musicians, Sonic Youth)


Coco Riley (f) (2004)

Courtenay Cox & David Arquette (actors)

Coco apparently stands for "COurtenay COx"

Coco Trinity (2008)

Dianne Farr (actor)

Coco is named after an island in the Maldives that Farr and her husband Seung Chung visited during their honeymoon.

Cody (1983)

Kenny Loggins (musician) & Eva Ein



Robin Williams (actor/comic)


Cody (m)

Dee Snider (musician, Twisted Sister)


Cody Newton (1990) Frank (football player/commentator) & Kathie Lee Gifford (tv hostess)  

Colby Lynch Turner (m) (2009)

Josh Turner (country musician)



David Brenner (tv host)


Colette Zoe Lamoureaux (2008)

Constance Zimmer (actor, Entourage, Boston Legal)


Colin Michael (2006) Paul Stanley (musician, KISS)  

Colin (1977)

Tom Hanks (actor)


Colm Garan Hart Thomas (1949)

Dylan Thomas (poet)


Rowdy Roddy Piper (wrestler)


Colton Jack (1996)

Chris Evert (tennis)



Don Ameche (actor)


Connor (1995)

Damien Hirst (artist)


Connor Anthony Kidman (1995)

Nicole Kidman & Tom Cruise (actors)


Conor (1986-1991)

Eric Clapton (musician)


Constantine Alexios

Pavlos, Crown Prince of Greece (royalty)


Cooper (1996)

Bill Murray (actor)


Cooper Alexander (2003)

Phillip Seymour Hoffman (actor)


Cooper Dominic (2005)

Ming-Na (actor)


Cora (1983)

Al Green (R&B singer)


Corinne (1995)

Jamie Foxx (actor/comedian/musician)


Cornell Haynes III "Tre"

Nelly (rapper)


Cory (1981-2000)

Julius Erving (basketball star)


Cosima (2010)

Sophia Coppola (film director) & Thomas Mars (musician)


Cosima Violet (2010)

Claudia Schiffer (model) & Matthew Vaughn (film director/producer)


Cosima "Mimi"

Nigella Lawson (chef)


Cosma Shiva

Nina Hagen (singer)


Cosmo Henry (2004)

Beck (musician) & Marissa Ribisi (actor)


Courtney Brooke Wagner (1974)

Robert Wagner & Natalie Wood (actors)


Courtney Isaac (f) George Foreman (boxer) adopted 2012?


Charles Schulz (cartoonist)



Dean Martin (singer/actor)


Crawford Marion, "Marion" (m) (2010)

Josh Turner (country musician) & wife Jennifer


Cricket Pearl (2013) Busy Philipps (actor) & Marc Silverstein (screenwriter)

Cristina (1964)

Luciano Pavarotti (opera singer)


Cristina (twin, 2001)

Julio Iglecias (singer)


Croix (f)

Cedric the Entertainer (comic/actor)


Crosby (1980)

Kenny Loggins (musician) & wife Eva Ein


Cross (m) (2001)

Big Boi (musician, Outkast)


Cruz David (2005) David Beckham (soccer player) & Victoria Beckham (musician aka Posh Spice)  

Cydney Catherine

Chevy Chase (actor)


Cynthia (1971)

John Cleese (Monty Python actor/comedian)


Cypress (f)

Solé (R&B singer)


Cyril (1885)

Oscar Wilde (famed writer) & Constance Lloyd


Cyrus Michael Christopher (2010)

Claire Danes (actor) & Hugh Dancy (actor)



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