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T'khi (m) (1999)

Busta Rhymes (rapper)

T'ziah (m) (1993)

Busta Rhymes (rapper)

Taa-Jah (f) (2007) Sarah McLachlan (singer)  


Shaquille O'Neal (basketball star)

Tabitha Hodge Broderick (twin) (2009)

Matthew Broderick & Sarah Jessica Parker (actors)

Taelyn Lee West (2006)

Chyler Leigh (actor) & husband Nathan West

Tahmel "Mel" (m) (1995)

Macy Gray (R&B singer)

Tahnee (f)

Raquel Welch (actress)

Tait (f)

Oliver North (politician)

Taiya (f) Derrick Blaylock (NY Jets)  

Taj Monroe (m) (1994)

Steven Tyler (musician, Aerosmith)

Talen (m) (2006) Terry Tiffee (baseball player)  

Tali (1993)

Annie Lennox (Eurythmics singer)

Talia Elizabeth (1968)

Davy Jones (Monkees singer)

Talluhlah (2006)

Philip Seymour Hoffman (actor)

Tallulah Belle (1994)

Demi Moore & Bruce Willis (actors)

Tallulah Fyfe (2002)

Patrick Dempsey (actor)

Tallulah Pine (1994)

Simon (Duran Duran singer) & Yasmin LeBon (model)

Tam (1979-2000)

Mia Farrow (actor)

Tamala Georgette (1970)

George Jones & Tammy Wynette (country singers)

Tamla Claudette

Smokey Robinson (R&B singer)

Tamsin (f)

Laurence Olivier & Joan Plowright (actors)

Tara (1961)

Johnny Cash (country musician) & Vivian Liberto


Ted Koppel (tv journalist)

Tara (m) (twin, 1990)

Bryan Ferry (musician, Roxy Music)

Tara Chong (1995)

Oliver Stone (film director)

Chong is Tara's mother's last name

Tara Cynara Newley (1963)

Joan Collins (actor)

Tara Jo Jo Gunne (m) (1976-1976)

Keith Richards (Rolling Stones guitarist)

Tarah (1983)

Trace Adkins (country singer)

Tarian Nathaniel

Travis Tritt (country singer)


Laurence Olivier & Joan Plowright (actors)

Taryll Adren (m)

Tito Jackson (singer, Jackson Five)


Michael Bolton (singer)

Taryn Kennedy Griffey (1996) Ken Griffey Jr. (baseball player)  

Tarzana Nova (f)

Lene Lovitch (musician)

Tate (m) (2011) Emma "Baby Spice" Bunton & Jade Jones (musicians)  

Tatiana Celia (1990)

Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg (author/philanthropist)

Tatjana Orchid Lee (1986)

Nick Rhodes (Duran Duran keyboardist)

Tatum Beatrice (1963)

Ryan O'Neal & Joanna Moore (actors)

Tatum Ella Reynolds (2009)

Nikki Ziering (actor/model) & Rick Reynolds

Taylor (m) (1997)

Dolores O'Riordan (musician, The Cranberries)

Taylor Ann (1990)

David Hasselhoff (actor)

Taylor Levi (m) (1984)

Emilio Estevez (actor)

Taylor Maine Pearl

Garth Brooks (country musician)

middle name after country singer Minnie Pearl

Tayven (m, twin) Derrick Blaylock (NY Jets)  

Tazman (m) (1992)

Rick James (musician)


Meredith Baxter (actor)

Teddy (m) (1954-1973)

James Brown (musician, Godfather of Soul)

Teddy Jo (f)

John Mellencamp (musician)

Tennessee James (2012)

Reese Witherspoon (actor) & Jim Toth


Tennyson Spencer (2006)

Russell Crowe (actor)

named for Alfred, Lord Tennyson and his mom, whose last name is Spencer.

Tenzin (f) (1998)

MCA (Beastie Boys)

Tenzin was the name of the Dalai Lama when baby Tenzin was born.


Alexander Jodorowsky (filmmaker)

Teresa Adams Garcia (1974)

Jerry Garcia (Grateful Dead)

Terry Leslie (f) (1959-1998)

Steve McQueen (actor)

SM's real first name is Terrence, which was also his father's name.

Terry (m)

James Brown (musician, Godfather of Soul)

Tessa (1956)

Graham Kerr (tv chef)

Tevin Kendall Griffey (2002) Ken Griffey Jr. (baseball player)  

Thaddeus V. Farrow (1988)

Mia Farrow (actor)

adopted at age 6

Thatcher Bray (2013) Megyn Kelly (tv host) & Doug Brunt

Theo (1988)

Stephen Spielberg (film director) & Kate Capshaw (actor)

Theo Matthew Roald (1960)

Patricia Neal (actor) & Roald Dahl (author)

Theodora (1984)

Keith Richards (Rolling Stones guitarist)

Theodore "Theo" Kelly (2000)

Natascha McElhone (actor)

Theodore Norman Howard Gabel "Theo" (2007)

Brice Dallas Howard (actor)

Theodore was chosen for its meaning ("gift of god"), Norman is after baby Theo's paternal great-grandfather. Howard is mother's surname.

Thijs (m) (2006) Matt Lauer (tv host) Thijs - "pronounced ‘Tice’ - is a shortened form of Matthijs, which is Dutch for Matthew. [baby's mom] is Dutch and in following with her heritage, the baby was given a Dutch name.”


James Doohan (actor, Scotty on "Star Trek")


Don Ameche (actor)


Dana Carvey (actor)

Thomas (1969)

Michael Palin (monty Python actor)

Thomas (1968)

Ben Kingsley (actor)

Thomas Allen

Don Knotts (actor)

Thomas Boone (2007) (twin)

Dennis Quaid (actor)

Thomas Boyer Bryan "Bo" (2008)

Luke Bryan (country musician)

Boyer is Bo's mother's maiden name.

Thomas David "Tommy" (2008)

Jack Black (actor/musician)

Thomas is Black's real first name (Jack is his middle)

Thomas Haden (1996)

Jamie Lee Curtis & Christopher Guest (actors)


Al Franken (writer/comic)

Tiago Aruã Schrott (2008)

Anna Netrebko & Erwin Schrott (opera singers)


Jackie Collins (novelist)

Tiger Lily (1994)

Roger Taylor (Queen drummer)

Tim-Elvis (2004)

DJ David Guetta (DJ)

Timolin (f) (twin, 1961)

Nat "King" Cole (singer)

Timothy (1979) Stephen Hawking (physicist) & wife Jane Wilde

Timothy Hunter (1995)

Tim Roth (actor)

Tin (2007)

Goran Visnjic (actor, E.R.)

named for Croatian poet Tin Ujevic, who's from the same place as baby Tin's maternal grandfather.

Tina Denise (1965)

Tammy Wynette (country singer) & Euple Byrd

Tindyebwa Agaba (1988)

Emma Thompson (actor)

He was adopted at age 17 from Rwanda.

Titus Jasper Jake Icarus (2007)

Lucy Sykes (designer)

Toby (1978)

Mike Leigh (film director)

Toby (m)

Ted Nugent (musician)

Tom III (1983)

Tom Clancy (writer)

Tommy (1999)

Mel Gibson (actor/film director)

Tommy Francis (2013) Michelle Monaghan (actor) & husband Peter White

Tommy Oswald (2008) (twin)

Rick Parfitt (Status Quo singer/guitarist)

Toni (2004)

Chris Cornell (Soundgarden/Audioslave)

Toni (f) (1936-2000)

John Wayne (actor)


Charles Bronson (actor)

Tori (m) (2006) Derrick Blaylock (NY Jets)  

Toriano Adaryll Jr.

Tito Jackson (Jackson Five)

Trace (f)

Billy Ray Cyrus (country musician)

Tracee Joy (1972)

Diana Ross (singer)


Jackie Collins (novelist)

Tracy Jr. (1986) Tracy Jordan (actor/comic) & Sabina Jordan
Travin (twin) Derrick Blaylock (NY Jets)  

Travis (1981)

Barry Gibb (Bee Gees)

Travis Sedg (1989)

Kevin Bacon & Kyra Sedgwick (actors)


Al Green (R&B singer)

Trevor Douglas (1992)

Wayne Gretzky (hockey player)

Trevor Mansur (1988) Josh Brolin & Alice Adair (actors)

Trillian (m) (2001)

Busta Rhymes (rapper)

Trinity Lee (f) (2004)

Trace Adkins (country singer)

Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston (2008)

Bristol Palin (daughter of Sarah Palin, US vice-presidential candidate and media darling) & Levi Johnston (her boyfriend)

Tristan (2014) (twin) Chris Hemsworth (actor) & Elsa Pataky (model, actor)  

Tristan Wayne (2000)

Wayne Gretzky (hockey player)


Damon Wayans (actor)

Tron (1997)

Rozonda "Chili" Thomas (TLC)

Troy (1994)

Leeza Gibbons (tv hostess)

Troy Garity (1973)

Jane Fonda (actor)

True Harlow (f) (2003)

Joely Fisher (actor)

True Isabella Summer (f) (1996)

Forest Whitaker (actor)

Truman Theodore (1995)

Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson (actors)

Tu Simone Ayer (2001)

Rob Morrow (actor)

Ayer is Morrow's wife's last name

Tucker McFadden (2012)

Melissa Joan Hart (actor) & Mark Wilkerson (singer/guitarist)


Tuesday (f) (2007)

Beck (musician) & Marissa Ribisi (actor)


Tulip Victoria (1971)

Tiny Tim (musician)


Ty (f)

Rick James (musician)

Ty Christian (1992)

Mark Harmon & Pam Dawber (actors)

Ty Robert (1990)

Wayne Gretzky (hockey player)

T'Yanna (f)

Notorius B.I.G. (rapper)

Tyler (1985)

Pete Rose (baseball)

Tyler Daniel (2002)

Marlee Matlin (actor)

Tyler Edward Lambert (1985)

Dana Plato (Diff'rent Strokes actor)

Tyler William (2011) Kerri Strug (Olympic gymnast) & husband Robert Fischer
Tyler Xane (2006)M Shaznay Lewis (All Saints)

Tyson (f) (1989)

Neneh Cherry (musician)

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