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Name Gender Birth Year Parent 1 Parent 2 Notes/Naming Quotes
Taahirah f 1996 Shaquille O'Neal (basketball star) Arnetta Yardbourgh
Tabitha Hodge Broderick (twin) f 2009 Matthew Broderick (actor) Sarah Jessica Parker (actor)
Tacoma m
DMX (rapper/actor) Tashera Simmons
Taelyn Lee West  f 2006 Chyler Leigh (actor)  Nathan West
Tahmel "Mel"  m 1995 Macy Gray (R&B singer) Tracey Hinds
Taimi f 1989 Jet Li (actor/martial arts expert) Huang Qiuyan (actor)
Tait  f
Oliver North (politician) Betsy Stuart
Taiya  f
Derrick Blaylock (football player) Kristin Blaylock
Taj m 1991 Suge Knight (music producer) Davina Barnes
Taj Monroe  m 1994 Steven Tyler (musician- Aerosmith) Teresa Barrick (clothing designer) Last name is Tallarico, which is Tyler's real last name
Taja Summer f 2007 Sarah McLachlan (singer) Ashwin Sood (musician)
Takoda Brice-Reeveley m 2008 Lee Brice (country musician) Sara Reeveley
Tali  f 1993 Annie Lennox (Eurythmics singer) Uri Fruchtmann (film/music producer)
Talia Elizabeth  f 1968 Davy Jones (singer- the Monkees) Dixie Linda Haines
Tallulah  f 2006 Philip Seymour Hoffman (actor) Mimi O'Donnell (costume designer)
Tallulah Belle  m 1994 Bruce Willis (actor) Demi Moore (actor)
Tallulah Fyfe  m 2002 Patrick Dempsey (actor) Jillian Fink (hairstylist/makeup artist)
Tallulah Pine  f 1994 Simon (Duran Duran singer)  Yasmin LeBon (model)
Talon Jordi m 2002 Kasey Chambers (singer) Cori Hopper (actor)
Tam  m 1979-2000 Mia Farrow (actor) adopted as a single parent
Tamala Georgette  f 1970 George Jones  (country musician) Tammy Wynette (country musician)
Tamara f
John Paul Jones (bassist- Led Zeppelin) Maureen Baldwin
Tamerlane m 1971 Geneviève Waïte (actor) John Phillips (musician- the Mamas & the Papas)
Tamiko f
Edward James Olmos (actor) Katija Keel
Tamla Claudette m 1969 Smokey Robinson (R&B singer) Claudette Rogers Robinson Named after Berry Gordy's Tamla record label (later became Motown)
Tamsin  f 1963 Laurence Olivier (actor) Joan Plowright (actor)
Tanner Elle f 1989 Rob Schneider (actor)  London King (model) She now is known as Elle King
Tara  f 1961 Johnny Cash (country musician)  Vivian Liberto
Tara (twin) m 1990 Bryan Ferry (musician- Roxy Music) Lucy Helmore (model)
Tara Chong  f 1995 Oliver Stone (film director) Sun-jung Jung
Tara Cynara f 1963 Joan Collins (actor) Anthony Newley (singer/songwriter)
Tara Jo Jo Gunne  m 1976-1976 Keith Richards (Rolling Stones guitarist) Anita Pallenberg (actor/artist/model)
Tarah  f 1983 Trace Adkins (country singer) Barbara Lewis
Tarian Nathaniel m 2003 Travis Tritt (country singer) Theresa Nelson
Tarquin m 1936 Laurence Olivier (actor) Jill Esmond (actor)
Taryll Adren  m 1975 Tito Jackson (singer, Jackson Five) Delores "Dee Dee" Martes
Taryn f
Michael Bolton (singer) Maureen McGuire
Taryn Kennedy f 1996 Ken Griffey Jr. (baseball player) Melissa Griffey
Tarzana Nova "Tazi" f 1984 Lene Lovitch (musician) Les Chappell (musician)
Tate Lee m 2011 Emma "Baby Spice" Bunton (singer- the Spice Girls) Jade Jones (musician) Lee is also Emma's middle name.
Tatiana Celia Kennedy f 1990 Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg (author/philanthropist) Edwin Schlossberg (exhibit designer)
Tatjana Orchid Lee  f 1986 Nick Rhodes (Duran Duran keyboardist) Julie Anne Friedman (heiress)
Tatum  f 1963 Ryan O'Neal (actor) Joanna Moore
Tatum Christopher m 2010 Luke Bryan (country musician) Caroline Boyer
Tatum Ella Reynolds  f 2009 Nikki Ziering (actor/model)  Rick Reynolds
Tatum Gretzky m 2015 Paulina Gretzky (singer/model) Dustin Johnson (golfer)
Taylen (twin) m 1998 Derrick Blaylock (football player) Kristin Blaylock
Taylor  m 1997 Dolores O'Riordan (singer- the Cranberries) Don Burton (tour manager)
Taylor Ann  f 1990 David Hasselhoff (actor) Pamela Bach (actor)
Taylor Levi  m 1984 Emilio Estevez (actor) Carey Salley (model)
Taylor Maine Pearl  f 1992 Garth Brooks (country musician)  Sandy Mahl middle name after country singer Minnie Pearl
Tazman  m 1993 Rick James (musician) Tanya Hijazi
Ted Mann m
Ted Nugent (musician) 
was given up for adoption as a baby; reunited as an adult with Nugent
Teddi Jo  f 1981 John Mellencamp (musician) Victoria Granucci
Teddy f 2015 Lena Headey (actor) Dan Cadan (director)
Teddy  m 1954-1973 James Brown (musician- Godfather of Soul) Velma Warren
Teddy Marilyn f 2017 Nicky Hilton Rothchild (heiress) James Rothschild
Tennessee Hawkins "Hawk"  m 2015 Eric Church (country musician) Katherine Blasingame
Tennessee James  m 2012 Reese Witherspoon (actor)  Jim Toth (talent agent)
Tennyson Spencer  m 2006 Russell Crowe (actor) Danielle Spencer (actor) named for Alfred, Lord Tennyson.
Tenzin  f 1998 MCA (Beastie Boys) Dechen Wangdu Tenzin was the name of the Dalai Lama when baby Tenzin was born.
Teo m 1976-1994 Alexander Jodorowsky (filmmaker) Valerie Trumblay Jodorowsky (actor)
Teresa Adams "Trixie" m 1974 Jerry Garcia (Grateful Dead) Carolyn Adams "Mountain Girl" Garcia
Terry  m
James Brown (musician- Godfather of Soul)

Terry James m 1956 Thelma Coleman Berry Gordy (music producer)
Terry Leslie  f 1959-1998 Steve McQueen (actor) Neile Adams (actor) SM's real first name is Terrence, which was also his father's name.
Terry Vance m 1957 Waylon Jennings (country musician) Maxine Caroll Lawrence
Tessa f 2008 Mike Gordon (musician- Phish)

Tessa  f 1956 Graham Kerr (tv chef) Treena Van Doom Kerr
Tevin Kendall m 2002 Ken Griffey Jr. (baseball player) Melissa Griffey
Thalia f 2001 Luc Besson (film director) Virginie Silla (film producer)
Thatcher Bray  m 2013 Megyn Kelly (tv host)  Doug Brunt (novelist/entrepeneur)
Théo m 2002 Zinedine Zidane (footballer) Véronique Fernández Zidane last name is Zidane Fernández
Theo  m 1988 Kate Capshaw (actor) Steven Spielberg (film director) 
Theo Matthew Roald  m 1960 Patricia Neal (actor)  Roald Dahl (author)
Theodora  f 1984 Keith Richards (Rolling Stones guitarist) Patti Hansen (model/actor)
Theodore m 1964 Ursula K. Le Guin Charles Le Guin (historian)
Theodore m 2012 Samantha Morton (actor) Harry Holm (filmmaker)
Theodore "Ted" Baxter m 1967 Meredith Baxter (actor) Robert Lewis Bush
Theodore "Theo"  m 2000 Natascha McElhone (actor) Martin Hirigoyen Kelly (plastic surgeon)
Theodore James m 20126 Peter André (musician)  Emily MacDonagh
Theodore James m 2016 Ivanka Trump (presidential daughter) Jared Kushner (real estate developer)
Theodore Norman Howard Gabel "Theo"  m 2007 Brice Dallas Howard (actor) Seth Gabel (actor) Theodore was chosen for its meaning ("gift of god"), Norman is after baby Theo's paternal great-grandfather. Howard is mother's surname.
Theodore Vigo Sullivan m 2015 Rachael Leigh Cook (actor) Daniel Gilles (actor)
Theodore William m 2012 Kelly MacDonald (actor)  Dougie Payne (bassist- Travis)
Thijs  m 2006 Matt Lauer (tv host) Annette Roque (model) Thijs - "pronounced ‘Tice’ - is a shortened form of Matthijs, which is Dutch for Matthew. [baby's mom] is Dutch and in following with her heritage, the baby was given a Dutch name.”
Thomas m
James Doohan (actor, Scotty on "Star Trek") Wende Braunberger
Thomas m
Don Ameche (actor) Honore Prendergast
Thomas m 1993 Dana Carvey (actor) Paula Zwagerman
Thomas  m 1969 Michael Palin (Monty Python actor/comic) Helen Gibbins
Thomas "Tommy" m 1999 Mel Gibson (actor/film director) Robyn Denise Moore (dental nurse)
Thomas Allen m
Don Knotts (actor) Kathryn Metz
Thomas Bhanji  m 1968 Ben Kingsley (actor) Angela Morant (actor)
Thomas Boone (twin) m 2007 Kimberly Buffington (real estate agent) Dennis Quaid (actor)
Thomas Boyer "Bo"  m 2008 Luke Bryan (country musician) Caroline Boyer
Thomas Colton m 2012 Jared Padalecki (actor) Genevieve Cortese (actor)
Thomas David "Tommy"  m 2008 Jack Black (actor/musician) Tanya Haden (artist/cellist/singer) Thomas is Black's real first name (Jack is his middle)
Thomas Haden  m 1996 Jamie Lee Curtis (actor) Christopher Guest (actor)
Thomas Jr. m 2007 Tom Cavanaugh (actor) Maureen Grise (photo editor)
Thomas Rudolfo m 2017 Alanna Ubach (actor) Thomas Russo Jr.
Thomas South m 2017 Justin Moore (country musician) Kate Moore
Thomasin Davis f 1981 Al Franken (writer/comic)  Franni Bryson
Tiago Aruã Schrott  m 2008 Anna Netrebko  Erwin Schrott (opera singers)
Tiara f 1989 Cedric the Entertainer (comic/actor)

Tiaura  f 1995 Allen Iverson (basketball player) Tawanna Turner
Tiffany f 1967 Jackie Collins (novelist) Oscar Lerman (nightclub/gallery owner)
Tiffany f
Ginuwine (singer/songwriter)
last name is Lumpkin; Ginuwine's last name
Tiffany Ariana f 1993 Donald Trump (reality tv star/US President) Marla Maples (actor/tv host) named after Tiffany & Co. stores
Tiger Lily  f 1994 Roger Taylor (drummer- Queen) Debbie Leng
Tigerlily f 2009 Shaznay Lewis (musician- All Saints) Christian "Storm" Horsfall (dancer)
Tim-Elvis Eric m 2004 David Guetta (DJ) Cathy Lobé (nightclub manager)
Timolin (twin) f 1961 Nat "King" Cole (singer) Maria Hawkins Ellington
Timothy m
Jon Heder (actor) Kirsten Bales
Timothy  m 1979 Stephen Hawking (physicist)  Jane Wilde
Timothy Gahan m 1994 Marlon Brando (actor) Maria Cristina Ruiz (housekeeper)
Timothy Hunter  m 1995 Tim Roth (actor) Nikki Butler
Tin  m 2007 Goran Visnjic (actor) Eva Višnjić (artist/sculptor) named for Croatian poet Tin Ujevic, who's from the same place as baby Tin's maternal grandfather.
Tina Denise  f 1965 Tammy Wynette (country singer)  Euple Byrd
Tindyebwa Agaba  f 1988 Emma Thompson (actor) Greg Wise (actor) He was adopted at age 17 from Rwanda.
Titan Jewell  m 2014 Kelly Rowland (musician) Tim Weatherspoon
Tito Joe "TJ" m 1978 Tito Jackson (singer, Jackson Five) Delores "Dee Dee" Martes
Titus Jasper Jake Icarus  m 2007 Lucy Sykes (designer) Euan Rellie
T'khi  m 1999 Busta Rhymes (rapper) Joanne Wood
Tobias m 2015 Bethany Hamilton (pro surfer) Adam Dirks
Toby m
Ted Nugent (musician) Sandra Jezowski
Toby m 1978 Mike Leigh (film director) Alison Steadman (actor)
Tom III m 1983 Tom Clancy (writer) Wanda Thomas King (ophthamologist)
Tomi Lynne f
Waylon Jennings (country musician) Lynne Jones
Tommy Francis m 2013 Michelle Monaghan (actor) Peter White (graphic artist)
Tommy Oswald (twin) m 2008 Rick Parfitt (Status Quo singer/guitarist) Lyndsay Whitburn (fitness instructor)
Toni f 2004 Chris Cornell (singer, Soundgarden/Audioslave) Vicky Karayiannis (publicist)
Tony m
Charles Bronson (actor) Harriet Tendler
Tori m 2006 Derrick Blaylock (football player) Kristin Blaylock
Toriano Adaryll Jr. "Taj" m 1973 Tito Jackson (singer, Jackson Five) Delores "Dee Dee" Martes
Torin Mathias m 2016 Nadja Bjorlin (actor) Grant Turnbull (property developer)
Trace Dempsey (born Neil Timothy Helson)  m 1989 Billy Ray Cyrus (country musician) Leticia "Tish" Finley Cyrus adopted by Cyrus, was child of wife's previous marriage. His name was changed upon adoption.
Tracee Joy  f 1972 Diana Ross (singer) Robert Ellis Silberstein (music producer)
Tracey f 1961 Jackie Collins (novelist) Wallace Austin
Tracey f 1962 Dave Davies (musician- The Kinks) Sue Sheehan Tracey was born when Davies was 15; he didn't meet her until 1993.
Tracy Jr.  m 1986 Tracy Morgan (actor/comic)  Sabina Morgan
Travin (twin) m 1998 Derrick Blaylock (football player) Kristin Blaylock
Travis  m 1981 Barry Gibb (musician- Bee Gees) Linda Gray (former Miss Scotland)
Travis Sedg  m 1989 Kevin Bacon (actor) Kyra Sedgwick (actor)
Trevor  m 1996 Al Green (R & B singer)

Trevor Douglas  m 1992 Wayne Gretzky (hockey player) Janet Jones (actor)
Trevor Mansur  m 1988 Josh Brolin (actor) Alice Adair (actor)
Trey m 1992 Will Smith (actor) Sheree Zampino
Trey m 1984 Smokey Robinson (R&B singer)

Trey Hardesty m
Rick James (musician) Syville Morgan (singer/songqriter)
Trillian  m 2001 Busta Rhymes (rapper) Joanne Wood
Trinity Lee  f 2004 Trace Adkins (country singer) Rhonda Forlaw
Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston  m 2008 Bristol Palin (daughter of Sarah Palin, US vice-presidential candidate)  Levi Johnston
Tristan (twin) m 2014 Chris Hemsworth (actor)  Elsa Pataky (model, actor)
Tristan James m 1999 Travis Tritt (country singer) Theresa Nelson
Tristan Milos m 2011 Donald Trump Jr. (presidential son)  Vanessa Kay Haydon Trump
Tristan Wayne  m 2000 Wayne Gretzky (hockey player) Janet Jones (actor)
Tron  m 1997 Rozonda "Chili" Thomas (musician- TLC) Dallas Austin
Troy  m 1994 Leeza Gibbons (tv hostess) Stephen Meadows
Troy O'Donovan Garity  m 1973 Jane Fonda (actor) Tom Hayden (political activist)
True Harlow  f 2003 Joely Fisher (actor) Christopher Duddy (cinematographer)
True Isabella Summer  f 1998 Forest Whitaker (actor) Keisha Nash
Trulee Nanette f 2017 Lee Brice (country musician) Sara Reeveley Nanette is also Reeveley's middle name
Truman Theodore  m 1995 Tom Hanks (actor) Rita Wilson (actor)
Tryumph f 2002 Jayson Williams (basketball player) Tanya Williams
Tu Simone Ayer  f 2001 Rob Morrow (actor) Debbon Ayer
Tucker McFadden  m 2012 Melissa Joan Hart (actor)  Mark Wilkerson (musician)
Tuesday  f 2007 Beck (musician)  Marissa Ribisi (actor)
Tulip Victoria  f 1971 Tiny Tim (musician) Victoria Budinger
Ty  f
Rick James (musician) Syville Morgan (singer/songqriter)
Ty Christian  m 1992 Mark Harmon (actor) Pam Dawber (actor)
Ty Robert  m 1990 Wayne Gretzky (hockey player) Janet Jones (actor)
T'Yanna  f 1993 Jan Jackson Notorious B.I.G. (rapper)
Tyler  m 1984 Pete Rose (baseball player) Carol J. Woliung
Tyler Daniel  m 2002 Marlee Matlin (actor) Kevin Grandalski (policeman)
Tyler Edward Lambert  m 1985-2010 Dana Plato (Diff'rent Strokes actor) Lanny Lambert (rock guitarist)
Tyler Reese f 1998 Travis Tritt (country singer) Theresa Nelson
Tyler William  m 2011 Kerri Strug (Olympic gymnast)  Robert Fischer
Tyler-Xaine  m 2006 Shaznay Lewis (musician- All Saints) Christian "Storm" Horsfall (dancer)
Tyson  f 1989 Neneh Cherry (musician) Cameron "Booga Bear" McVey (music producer)
Tyteanna Chandler m
Shawty Lo (rapper)

Tytyana "Tata" f 1992 Master P (rapper) Sonya C (singer)
T'ziah  m 1993 Busta Rhymes (rapper) Joanne Wood

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