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Jaafar (1997)

Jermaine Jackson (musician, Jackson Five) & Alejandra Oiaza Jackson


John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin)


Judy Davis (Australian actor) & Colin Friels (Scottish actor)


Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio (actor)


Denis Leary (comic)

Jack (2012)

Anna Faris & Chris Pratt (actors)

Jack (2007) (twin) Steve Madden (footwear CEO) & wife Wendy  

"Jack" John Edward Thomas Moynahan (2007)

Bridget Moynahan (actor) & Tom Brady (football player)

Jack (2006) Andrew Niccol (film director/producer)  
Jack (2001) Matt Lauer (tv host) .

Jack (1999)

Sara Evans (country singer)

Jack (1997)

Luke Perry (actor)

Jack (1996)

Kirk Cameron & Chelsea Noble (actors)

Jack (1995)

Val Kilmer (actor)

Jack (1985)

Ozzy Osbourne (Black Sabbath)

Jack Mapel (twin, 1985)

Mare Winningham (actor)

Jack (1983)

Tim Roth (actor)

Jack Jr. (1970)

Annette Funicello (actress/Mouseketeer)

Jack Benny

Loretta Lynn (country singer)

Jack Daniel (m) (1989)

Gabriel Byrne & Ellen Barkin (actors)

Jack Errol (2005)

Frank Black aka Black Francis (guitarist/singer, Pixies) & Violet Clark

Jack Henry (1990)

Susan Sarandon & Tim Robbins (actors)

Jack Henry (1992)

Meg Ryan & Dennis Quaid (actors)

Jack Holden (2001)

James Marsden (actor)

Jack John Christopher (2002)

Johnny Depp (actor) & Vanessa Paradis (model)

Jack Lion (2014) Amy Lee (Evanescence singer) & Josh Hartzler (therapist)  

Jack Montgomery (1998)

Dean McDermott (actor) & Mary Jo Eustace (tv chef)

Jack Paris (1995)

Christie Brinkley (model)

Jack William (2006)

Billy Boyd (actor)

Jackie (f) (1985) Howie Mandel (comic, tv host)


Patti Smith (musician/poet)

Jackson (2012)

Charlize Theron (actor)

Jackson (twin, 1999)

Johnny Damon (Red Sox/Yankees)

Jackson Lewis (1997)

Spike Lee (film director)

Jackson (1995)

Susanna Hoffs (Bangles)

Jackson (1993)

Bill Murray (actor)

Jackson (1983)

Jackie Chan (actor/martial arts expert)

Jackson James (2009) Carson Daly (tv host)  
Jackson James (2005) Amy Acker (actor, Buffy, Alias)  

Jackson Slade (2001)

Natalie Maines (Dixie Chicks)


Roseanne Barr (actor)

Jacob (1998, twin)

Oscar de la Hoya (boxer)

Jacob (1994)

Andy Dick (actor)

Jacob (1990)

Willie Nelson (country musician) and Annie D'Angelo

Jacob (1981)

Dustin Hoffman (actor)

Jacob Danger (1998)

Billy Joe Armstring (Green Day)

Jacob Emerson (2008)

Courtney Thorne-Smith (actor)

Emerson is Courtney's dad's name and also her middle name.

Jacob Hurley (2002)

Jon Bon Jovi (musician)

Jacopo Vittorio Gassman (actor)  
Jacquelyn Faye "Jackie" (1962) Tammy Wynette (country singer) & Euple Byrd
Jade Peter Frampton (musician) & Barbara Gold
Jade (1971) Mick Jagger (Rolling Stones singer) & Bianca Jagger (model)  

Jaden Gil (m)

Steffi Graff & Andre Agassi (tennis players)

Jaden Rayne (m) (2002)

David Boreanaz (actor) & Jaime Bergman (model/actor)

Jaden Syre (m) (1998)

Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith (actors)

Jaden Zach Haddon-Slater (1999)

Christian Slater (actor)

Jagger (1998) Scott Stapp (Creed singer)  

Jagger Donovan Rooney (2008)

Joe Don Rooney (Rascal Flatts singer/guitarist) & Tiffany Fallon (Playboy model)  
Jagger Joseph Blue Goldberg (f) (2008) Soleil Moon Frye (actor, "Punky Brewster") "Jagger was a name that we loved from the beginning of the pregnancy. We always wanted to be surprised by the sex and we felt like it was perfect for a boy or a girl. Joseph has a meaning that is so very close to our hearts. It was the name of our godfather, the patriarch of our family, the one who was there for me the day that I was born and the person who walked me down the aisle at my wedding. He was the inspiration of our family and he passed away of cancer a little over a year ago. Blue, we just loved it. We have always believed in the names within our family having a deeper purpose and for us, Jagger Joseph Blue was certainly one that came from the bottom of our hearts. She is beautiful, happy and healthy, which is what is most important, and the name makes us smile each and every day."

Jagger Song Scallions (2007)

Brett Scallions (musician, Fuel) & Abby Gennet (MTV VJ)

Jaimy (m) (1987) Jermaine Jackson (musician, Jackson Five) & Hazel Gordy (daughter of Berry Gordy)  

Jaisal (m) (1993)

Naveen Andrews (actor, "Lost")

Jake (1985)

Sting (singer) & Trudi Styler (actor)

Jake (1987)

Sinéad O'Connor (singer)

Jake (twin) (1995)

Niki Taylor (model)

Jake (2004)

Mike Oldfield (musician)

Jake Daniel (1987)

Danny DeVito & Rhea Perlman (actor)

Jakob Luke (1970)

Bob Dylan (singer/songwriter)


MC Hammer (rapper)


Roger Taylor (drummer, Duran Duran)


Rupert Murdoch (media mogul)

James (2006) Ashton Shepherd (country musician) & husband Roland Cunningham  

James (1995)

Geoffrey Rush (actor)

James (1992)

Jim Kerr (singer, Simple Minds) & Patsy Kensit

James (1990)

Art Garfunkel (musician)

James (1969)

Ken Loach (film director)

James Aeneas (1967)

Joanna Lumley (actor, comedian)

James Alexander Philip Theo (2007)

Prince Edward of Britain

James Hamilton (2014) Neal McDonough (actor) & wife Ruvé  

James Hoke Dorough (2009)

Howie Dorough (singer, Backstreet Boys) & wife Leigh

James Joseph II (2001)

James Brown (musician, Godfather of Soul)

James Lenard Ford (1997)

Lita Ford (musician)

James Leroy Augustine (1986) Mick Jagger (Rolling Stones singer) & Jerry Hall (model/actor)  

James Louis (1977)

Paul McCartney (Beatles bassist)

James Monroe (2008)

Isaac Hanson (Hanson guitarist)

goes by Monroe.

James Padraig (2003)

Colin Farrell (actor)

James Quinn (2003)

James Cameron (film director) & Suzy Amis (actor)

James Thomas (2003)

Kirk Cameron & Chelsea Noble (actors)

James Wilke (2002)

Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick (actors)

Jameson Bess (f) (1999)

James Belushi (actor)

Jameson Leon (f) (2000)

William Baldwin (actor) & Chynna Phillips (singer)

"Jamie" Tudor St. John (1963)

Richard Harris (actor) & Elizabeth Rees-Williams (socialite)

Jamiyan (f) (2002)

Ewan McGregor (actor)

adopted at age 4 from Mongolia.

Jamma Noyola

James Brown (musician, Godfather of Soul)

Jane (1957)

Charlie Chaplin (actor/director) & Oona O'Neil

Jane (2000)

Jet Li (actor/martial arts expert)

Jane (2014) Jimmy Kimmel (tv host) & Molly McNearney  

Jane Erin (1987)

Jim Carrey (actor)

Jared (1961)

Richard Harris (actor)

Jared James (2001)

James Belushi (actor)

Jasmine (1970)

Ben Kingsley (actor)

Jasmine (1992)

Cheech Marin (actor)

Jasmine (2003) Stella Tennant (model)  

Jasmine Page (1996)

Martin Lawrence (actor)


Garrison Keillor (radio host, author)


Ringo Starr (Beatles drummer)

Jason (1970)

OJ Simpson (football player/actor)

Jason (1974)

Annette Funicello (actress/Mouseketeer)

Jason (1968)

Mike Nesmith (Monkees guitarist)

Jason Emmanuel (1966)

Barbra Streisand (singer) & Elliott Gould (actor)


Bryan Ferry (Roxy Music)


Howard Jones (musician)


Suzy Amis (actor)

Jasper (1996)

David Coverdale (Whitesnake/Deep Purple)

Jasper Armstrong

Wynton Marsalis (jazz trumpeter)

Jasper Breckenridge (2002)

Don Johnson (actor)

Jasper Warren Paisley (2009)

Brad Paisley (country musician) & Kimberly Williams-Paisley (actor)

Jax Copeland (2013) Tom Arnold (comic/actor) & wife Ashley

Jax Joseph (twin) (2007)

Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon (actor)

Jaya (2004)

Ben Harper (musician) & Laura Dern (actor)

Jayden James (2006) Britney Spears & Kevin Federline (musicians) for some reason, was originally reported to have been named Sutton Pierce.

Jaz Ella (f)

Steffi Graff & Andre Agassi (tennis players)


Julius Erving (basketball)

Jazmin Grace

Prince Albert of Monaco

Jazz Domino Holly Mellor (f)

Joe Strummer (The Clash)

Jean Depardieu (m) (2006)

Gérard Depardieu (actor)

named in tribute to actor Jean Carmet


Jerry Falwell (televangelist)


Linda Gray (actress, "Dallas")

Jefferson Salvini (1998)

Tony Randall (actor)

Jeffrey (1991)

Michael Jordan (basketball player)


John Phillips (Mamas & the Papas)

Jeffrey Atkins Jr. (2005)

Ja Rule (rapper/actor)

Jelani Asar (m) (1988)

Wesley Snipes (actor)

Jemma (1980)

Jeff Wayne (composer, War of the Worlds musical)

Je'niece (1978)

Bernie Mac (actor/comic)

Jenna (1970)

Dustin Hoffman (actor)


Ted Turner (media mogul)


Roseanne Barr (actor)


Hal Linden (actor, "Barney Miller")


Pele (soccer star)


Stephen Stills (musician)

Jennifer (1963)

Jack Nicholson (actor)

Jennifer (1968)

David Lynch (director)

Jennifer Katharine (1996)

Bill Gates (Microsoft CEO)

Jennifer Rachel (1983)

Michael Landon (actor)


MC Hammer (rapper)


Yehudi Menuhin (violinist)


Carl Sagan (astronomer)

Jeremy James

Donny Osmond

Jeremy Maldonado (1986)

Jermaine Jackson ((musician, Jackson Five) & Margaret Maldonado

Jermaine LaJuane Jr. "Jay" (1977)

Jermaine Jackson (musician, Jackson Five) & Hazel Gordy (daughter of Berry Gordy)

Jermajesty (2000)

Jermaine Jackson (musician, Jackson Five) & Alejandra Oiaza Jackson

Jerry Jr.

Jerry Falwell (televangelist)


Dee Snider (Twisted Sister)


Zakk Wylde (rock guitarist)

Jesse (2003)

Bear Grylls (tv personality)


Jesse (1966)

Bob Dylan (singer/songwriter)

Jesse (1972)

James Belushi (actor)

Jesse James Louis (1995)

Jon Bon Jovi (musician)

Jesse Jameson Ortiz (twin) (2009)

Jenna Jameson (porn star) & Tito Ortiz (wrestler)

Jesse Mojo

Sam Shepard (actor)

Jesse Wayne (1982)

Don Johnson (actor)


Roseanne Barr (actor)

Jessica (1978)

David Coverdale (Whitesnake/Deep Purple)

Jessica (1983)

Jeff Bridges (actor)

Jessica (1993)

J.K. Rowling

Jessica (1996) David Ortiz (baseball player)  

Jessica Buffler (1970)

Mike Nesmith (Monkees guitarist)

Jessica Grace (1986)

Joe Namath (football player) & Deborah Mays

Jessica Lillian (1980)

Davy Jones (Monkees singer)

Jessica Marie (1987)

Marie Osmond (singer)

Jessica Rae (1991)

Bruce Springsteen (musician)

Jessica Starshine (1972) Ozzy Osbourne (Black Sabbath) & Thelma Riley

Jessie (f)

Patti Smith (musician/poet)

Jessie (2006) Sam Taylor-Wood (filmmaker/artist) & Jay Jopling (art dealer)  
Jessie James (f) (2006, twin) P. Diddy aka Puff Daddy aka Sean "Puffy" Combs  

Jessie Lee (m) (1993

Robert Plant (musician, Led Zeppelin)


Jethro (1991) Nick Cave (musician) named after the band Jethro Tull

Jett (1993)

George Lucas (film director)

Jett Hamilton Roberts (2009)

Jill Scott (singer) & Lil' Jon Roberts (drummer)

Jett Jackson (1992)

John Travolta & Kelly Preston (actors)


Charles Schulz (cartoonist)


Vanessa Williams (model/singer)

Jillian Beth

Bryant Gumbel (tv host)

Jimmy Jalen Gomez (2009)

Taboo (rapper- Black Eyed Peas)

Jimmy Newman Jr. (1961)

Gladys Knight (singer)

Joab (1993)

Jeff Wayne (composer, War of the Worlds musical)


Princess Astrid & Prince Lorenz of Belgium

Joady (m)

Woody Guthrie (folk singer)

Joanna Lynn (1975)

Julie Andrews (singer) & Blake Edwards (film director)

Joanna Zaria Nicoline Milou "Zaria" (2006)

Prince Johan Frisel & Princess Mabel of the Netherlands

Joaquin Conseulos (2003)

Kelly Ripa (actor)

Jocelyn Carlyle (twin, 1985)

Ron Howard (actor/film director)

Was conceived at the Carlyle hotel in NYC


Rod Serling (author)


Al Franken (writer/comic)

Joe (1988)

Kevin Costner (actor)

Joe (1992)

Bryan Brown (Australian actor) & Rachel Ward (actor)

Joe Alfie Winslet Mendes (2003)

Kate Winslet (actor)

Joely (1972)

Phil Collins (Genesis drummer)

Joey (1985)

Cheech Marin (actor)

Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo (2006) Heidi Klum (model, tv host) & Seal (musician) "Taiwo means 'to smell/taste the world' in Yoruba. In twin births in Nigeria (Seal's dad is Nigerian)) the first twin in a set is often called or nicknamed Taiwo."


Frank Lloyd Wright (architect)

John "Jake" Pennington (1985)

Shaun Cassidy (singer/actor)

John (2005) Steve Carell (actor)  

John (2004)

Lauryn Hill & Rohan Marley (musicians)

John Abraham (2001)

Bono (U2 singer)

John Albert Victor

Tracey Ullman (actor)

John Bouvier (1993)

Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg (author/philanthropist)

Bouvier was Caroline's mother's maiden name

John Carter (1970)

Johnny & June Carter Cash

John Charles Julian (1963)

John Lennon (musician)

John David (1985)

Denzel Washington (actor)

John Ethan (1962)

John Wayne (actor)

John Francis Reuel (1917-2003)

J.R.R. Tolkien (writer)

Reuel was Tolkien's father's middle name, as well as one of his middle names.

John Henry (1994)

Michelle Pfeiffer (actor)

John Ira Shepherd "Shepherd" (2008)

Zac Hanson (Hanson drummer)

John Michael

Zakk Wylde (rock guitarist)

John Owen (1997)

Rob Lowe (actor)

John Reagan (triplet) (2007)

Cowboy Troy Coleman (musician)

John Stacy (twin, 1995)

Jane Seymour (actor)

John Tomiczek

Graham Chapman (Monty Python)

was a runaway teen that Chapman and his longtime partner adopted.

Johnnie Rose (f) (twin, 2006) Melissa Etheridge (musician) & Tammy Michaels (actress)  

Johnny (1998)

Paul Westerberg (musician, The Replacements)

Johnny Christopher King (2006)

Mira Sorvino (actor)

Johnny Natchez Jones Riddle

Cerys Matthew (musician, Catatonia)


Quincy Jones (music producer)

Jolie Ivory Imani (1992)

Keenan Ivory Wayans (actor)

Jonah Christopher (2011) Jo Dee Messina (country musician) &  husband Chris Deffenbaugh  


Jerry Falwell (televangelist)

Jonathan Darby (1968)

Mike Nesmith (Monkees guitarist)

Jonathan Preston

John Larroquette (actor)

Jonathan Raven (1987)

Ric Ocasek (The Cars) & Paulina Porizkova (model)

Jonelle (1957)

Adam West (actor)

Joni Morgan (2011)

Zac Brown (guitarist, Zac Brown Band) & wife Shelly

Jordan (f) (1999)

Mary J. Blige (singer)

Jordan (f) (1995)

Big Boi (Outkast)

Jordan (f) (1989)

Bono (U2 singer)

Jordan (m) (1977)

Lulu (singer)

Jordan (m) (1973)

Beau Bridges (actor)

Jordan Alexandra "Lexi" (1992)

Leeza Gibbons (tv hostess)

Jordan Catherine (f) (2010)

Dierks Bentley (country musician) & wife Cassidy

Jordan Edward (twin, 2004)

Kenny Rogers (country musician)

Jordan Ezra (f) (2002)

Taylor Hanson (musician)

Hanson's real first name is Jordan

Jordan Maxwell Kaufer (1997)

Pia Zadora (actor)

Jorja Bleu (2005)

Bret Michaels (musician, Poison)


Rev. Run (rapper, Run DMC)

Joseph (1991)

Kristin Scott Thomas (actor)

Joseph (1987)

Mark Knopfler (musician, Dire Straits)

Joseph (1977)

Sting (musician)

Joseph Ferdinand Corré

Malcolm McLaren (Sex Pistols manager) & Vivienne Westwood (punk fashion designer)

Joseph Gunnar (2007)

Traci Lords (porn star/actress)

Joseph Hillstrom (1974)

Stephen King (writer)

Joseph Jonathan "Joey" (1979)

Joe Piscopo (comic)

Joseph Marciano (1995)

Billy Joe Armstring (musician, Green Day)

Joseph Marlin (1995)

Marilu Henner (actress)

Joseph Mo'o (2004)

Jack Johnson (musician)

Joseph Raymond (1998) Ray Romano (actor/comic)  

Josephine (1949)

Charlie Chaplin (actor/director)

Josephine (1993)

Vera Wang (fashion designer)

Josephine Archer (1993)

James Cameron (film director) & Linda Hamilton (actor)

Josh (1968)

James Belushi (actor)

Josh (1989)

Rick Springfield (musician/actor)

Josh Fraser (1960)

Michael Landon (actor)

Fraser is Landon's 1st wife's maiden name

Joshua (2002)

Lauryn Hill & Rohan Marley (musicians)

Joshua (1996) (twin)

Pele (soccer star)

Joshua (2012) James Van Der Beek (actor) & wife Kimberly

Joshua Gomez (1993)

Taboo (rapper- Black Eyed Peas)

Joshua Davis

Donny Osmond

Joshua Isaac (1982)

Terry Nichols (OK City terrorist)

Jourdynn (m)

Jermaine Jackson (Jackson Five)

Journey Jameson Gomez (2011)

Taboo (rapper, Black Eyed Peas)

Journey Jett Ortiz (twin) (2009)

Jenna Jameson (porn star) & Tito Ortiz (wrestler)

Juan Valentín (1999)

Infanta Cristina of Spain

Judah Miro (2002)

Lucy Lawless (actor)

Judah Victoria (2005) Ziggy Marley (musician)  

Jude (2008)

Frank Black aka Black Francis (guitarist/singer, Pixies) & Violet Clark

Jude (2003)

Mackenzie Crook (actor, The Office)

Jude Gordan (2004)

Kelsey Grammar (actor)

Judith (twin, 1585)

William Shakespeare (writer)

named after Judith Sadler, a family friend.


Julius Erving (basketball)


Ralph Macchio (actor)

Julia Laurette (1997)

Tony Randall (actor)

Julia Simadore Dick (1958) Patsy Cline (country singer)

Julian Ricardo (1975)

Bob Marley (reggae musician) & Lucy Pounder

Julian Arthur (1990)

Harold Ramis (actor/filmmaker) & Erica Mann

Julian Peter Frampton (musician) & Barbara Gold

Julian (1984)

Brigitte Nielson (actor)

Julian Angel (1990)

Steve Vai (guitarist) & Pia Maiocco (musician)

Julian Cal (2003)

Jerry Seinfeld (actor/comic)

Julian Henry (twin, 1995)

Robert DeNiro (actor)

Julian Murray (1998)

Lisa Kudrow (actor)

Juliana Tex (2005 -twin)

Emily Robison (Dixie Chicks) & Charlie Robison (country musician)

Juliana (1985)

Shelley Long (actor)


Casey Kasem (radio host)

Julie (1973)

Gérard Depardieu (acteur)

Julie (1955)

Leonard Nimoy (actor)

Julie Kate (1966)

Laurence Olivier & Joan Plowright (actors)

Julie Marie (1989)

Al Pacino (actor)

Julie Rose (2001)

Eric Clapton (musician)

Juliet (2005)

Emily Watson (actor)

Juliet Jones Diol (1998)

Shaun Cassidy (singer/actor)

Diol is Juliet's mom's maiden name.

Juliette (1987)

Luc Besson (film director)

Juliette Loraine (1997)

Janine Turner (actor)

Julio (1975)

Julio Iglecias (singer)

Julitta Dee Harden (twin, 2004)

Marcia Gay Hardin (actor)

Julius (2013) Morena Baccarin (actor) & husband Austin Chick

Julius Robert Bay (1999)

Lucy Lawless (actor)

Julius Winfield III

Julius Erving (basketball)

June Catherine (2007)

Balthazar Getty (actor)

June Lee Oswald (1961)

Lee Harvey Oswald (alleged JFK assassinator)

LHO's father's name was Robert E. Lee Oswald, probably both LHO & June carried on the tradition.

Junior Sawa Andreas (2005)

Peter André (musician) & Katie Price aka Jordan (model)

Sawa is André's father's name. Andreas is André's real last name.

Juno (2008) (twin)

Will Champion (Coldplay drummer)

Justice (f) (2007)

Zac Brown (guitarist, Zac Brown Band) & wife Shelly

Justice (f)

John Mellencamp (musician)

Justice Maya (1992)

John Singleton (film director)


Andie McDowell (actor)

Justin (1994)

P. Diddy (rapper)

Justin (1971)

Stephen Stills (musician)

Justin Charles, (twin, 2004)

Kenny Rogers (country musician)

Justin Mackenzie Phillip Bryant (2009)

Lil' Mo (R&B singer)

Lil' Mo's husband's name is Phillip

Justin Ryan (1988)

OJ Simpson (football player/actor)


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