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Racer Maximiliano (1997)

Robert Rodriguez (US film director)

Rachael Atlanta (1977)

Diana Rigg (actor)


Quincy Jones (music producer)

Rachel (1992) Natalie Appleton (musician, All Saints)  
Rachel (1975) Michael Palin (monty Python actor/cpmedian)  

Rachel (1966) (twin)

Donald Sutherland (actor)

Rachel Ann (1987)

Kathleen Turner (actor)

Rae Dawn (1961)

Tommy Chong (actor)

Rachel Lauren (1989)

Marie Osmond (singer/tv host)

Raden Delilah Cunningham (2011) Ashton Shepherd (country musician) & husband Roland Cunningham Delilah is also Shepherd's middle name

Rafferty (1996)

Jude Law & Sadie Frost (actors)

Rain (f)

Richard Pryor (comic/actor)

Rain (m)

Corey Hart (singer)

Raine (f) (1988)

Tawny Kitaen (model)

Raine Elizabeth (2000)

Bret Michaels (musician, Poison)


Andie McDowell (actor)

Ralph (2006)

Keeley Hawes & Matthew McFadyen (actors)

Ramón (1963)

Martin Sheen (actor)

Ramón is Sheen's real first name


Ray Bradbury (sci-fi author)

Ramona (1995)

Tre Cool (Green Day drummer)

Ramona (2006) Maggie Gyllenhaal & Peter Sarsgaard (actors)
Randy (1985) Todd Rundgren (musician) & Karen Darvin
Randy Dick (1960) Patsy Cline (country singer)

Raoul Jr. (1995)

Brigitte Nielson (actor)

Raphael (1976)

Robert DeNiro (actor) & Diahnne Abbott (singer-actor)

Raphaël (2014) Melissa George (actor) & Jean-David Blanc

Rasheeda (1976)

Quincy Jones (music producer) & Peggy Lipton (actor)

Raul Sigmund

Raul Julia (actor)

Ray Brown Jr.

Ella Fitzgerald (jazz singer)

Raymond (1992)

Jack Nicholson (actor)

Rayna (1996)

Mike Tyson (boxer)

Reagan (f) (2007)

Larry the Cable Guy (comic)


Bruce Campbell (actor)

Rebecca (1963)

Marlon Brando (actor)

Rebecca (1983)

Dustin Hoffman (actor)

Rebecca Carlene Carter (1955)

June Carter Cash (country singer) & Carl Smith (honkeytonk musician)

Rebecca Ann (1939-1977)    

Oral Roberts (televangelist)

died in a plane crash

Rebel Antonio (1999)

Robert Rodriguez (US film director)


Todd Rundgren (musician)

Redmond James (1985)

Ryan O'Neal & Farrah Fawcett (actors)

Reece Jacob (triplet) (2007)

Cowboy Troy Coleman (musician)

Reed (1987)

Ron Howard (actor/film director)

Regginae (f) (2000)

Lil' Wayne (rapper)

Reign Mosley (f) (2007)

Timbaland (music producer)

Reign Beau (f) (2000)

Ving Rhames (actor)

Reiley Dilys Stella (2010)

Stella McCartney (fashion designer) & husband Alasdhair Willis

Reilly Marie (1996)

Roma Downey (actress, "Touched by an Angel")

Remington Elizabeth

Tracy Nelson (actress)

René-Charles (2001)

Céline Dion (singer)

Renee (1967)

Martin Sheen (actor)

Renée (1992)

Rod Stewart (singer) & Rachel Hunter (actor/model)

Rex (1980) Todd Rundgren (musician) & Karen Darvin

Rex (2008)

Natascha McElhone (actor)

Rex (2008) (twin)

Will Champion (Coldplay drummer)

Rex William Wickham (2010)

Sophie Kinsella (writer)


Ted Turner (media mogul)

Rhiannon Elizabeth (2005)

Robert Rodriguez (US film director)

Rhonda Suzanne (1971)

Diana Ross (singer)

Rhyan Landon (m)

Nikki Sixx (musician, Motley Crue)

Rhys Edward (2009)

Joey McIntyre (musician, New Kids on the Block)

Riccardo (2003-2003)

Luciano Pavarotti (opera singer)

Ricci James

Dean Martin (singer/actor)

Rich (1991)

Tommy Hilfiger (fashion designer) & wife Susie

Richard (1948)

Oral Roberts (televangelist)

Richard (1978)

Rick Parfitt (Status Quo singer/guitarist)

Richard Kerr (1961) Laurence Olivier & Joan Plowright (actors) Kerr is also Olivier's middle name, and Olivier's father's middle name.

Richard Meeker Jr. (1956-1980)

Mary Tyler Moore (actor)

Richard Slayden (2006)

Harrison Frazer (golfer)

Rick Jr.

Rick James (musician)

Riley (m) (1981)

Mare Winningham (actor)

Riley (m) (1990)

David Lynch (director)

Riley (f) (1992) Howie Mandel (comic, tv host)

Riley Joseph (triplet) (2007)

Cowboy Troy (musician)

Rio Atticus (2008) Tom Dumond (No Doubt guitarist)

Rio Joseph (2008) Frank Grillo & Wendy Moniz (actors)

Rio Laura (2013) Oliver Hudson & Erinn Bartlett Hudson (actors)

Ripley (f) (2000)

Thandie Newton (actor)

River (f) (1999)

Corey Hart (singer)

River Rose (2014) Kelly Clarkson (singer) & Brandon Blackstock
River Russell (2007) Keri Russell (actor)
River Samuel (2006) Taylor Hanson (Hanson)

Roan Joseph (2000)

Sharon Stone (actor)

Robbi (f) (1965)

Tommy Chong (actor)

Robert (1981)

James Belushi (actor)

Robert "Robbie" (1972) Bob Marley (reggae musician) & Pat Williams
Robert (1967) Stephen Hawking (physicist)

Robert Edward IV (1962)

Ted Turner (media mogul)

Robert Ford (2011) Owen Wilson (actor) & Erin Lokitz  

Robert Jake (2007)

Tina Yothers (actress)

"He's named after my husband, but we call him Jake. It's a strong name."

Robert Yancy "Robbie" (1978)

Natalie Cole (singer)

Roberta Potts

Oral Roberts (televangelist)

Roberto (1992)

Isabella Rossellini (actor)

Roberto is Rossellini's father's name

Robin (m) (1982)

Tina Weymouth & Chris Franz (Talking Heads)

Robyn Joan (1959)

Isaac Asimov (sci-fi writer)

Rocco John (2000)

Madonna (singer) & Guy Ritchie (film director)

Rocco Winchester (1990)

Ted Nugent (musician) & Shemane Deziel

Rocket Valentin (1995)

Robert Rodriguez (US film director)

Rocko Akira Clapp (2010)

Johnny Knoxville (actor) & Naomi Nelson

Knoxville's real last name is Clapp.

Rocky James (2012)

Sarah Michelle Gellar & Freddie Prinze Jr. (actors)


Rodney Ramon Hill III "lil Rock" (2005)

Monica (R&B singer)

Rodrigo (1999)

Julio Iglecias (singer)

Roeg (1975)

Donald Sutherland (actor)

Rogue (2004)

Robert Rodriguez (US film director)

Rohan Anthony (1972)

Bob Marley (reggae musician) & Janet Hunt

Rolan Seymour Feld (1975)

Marc Bolan (musician, T. Rex) & Gloria Jones (back up singer)

Feld was Marc Bolan's surname at birth. He was inspired by David Bowie naming his son Zowie Bowie to name his own Rolan Bolan.

Roman (1965)

Francis Ford Coppola (film director)

Roman (2004)

Harvey Keitel (actor)

Roman Jude

Deen Castronovo (Journey drummer)

Roman Robert (2004)

Cate Blanchett (actor)

Roman Stylianos Ringwald Gianopoulous (twin) (2009)

Molly Ringwald (actor) & Panios Gianopoulous

Roman Walker (2004)

Debra Messing (actor)

Romelo Montez Hill (2008)

Monica (R&B singer) & Rodney Hill (music producer)

Montez is after Monica's brother


Master P (rapper)

Romeo James (2002) David Beckham (soccer player) & Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice)  

Romeo Jon (2004)

Jon Bon Jovi (musician)

Romer (1909-1976)

Zane Grey (novelist)

Romer was also Grey's brother's name

Romy (2003) Matt Lauer (tv host)
Romy (2006) Sophia Coppola (film director) & Thomas Mars (musician)
Romy Hero (2012) Aaron Johnson (actor) & Sam Taylor-Wood (filmmaker/artist)  

Romy Marion (1992)

Gabriel Byrne & Ellen Barkin (actors)

Romy True (2007)

Mick Hucknall (musician)

Ronald (1943-1982)

Oral Roberts (televangelist)

committed suicide


Don Ameche (actor)

Ronan Cal (1998)

Daniel Day-Lewis (actor)

Rory (f)

Errol Flynn (actor)

Rory (f)

Jackie Collins (novelist)

Rory Eleanor (1986)

Roger Taylor (Queen drummer)

Rory James (1990)

Phil Collen (Def Leppard)

Rory John (1999)

Bill Gates (Microsoft CEO)

Rosalind (1919-2004)

Agatha Christie (mystery novelist)

Rose Dorothy (2014) Scarlett Johansson (actor) & Romain Dauriac Dorothy is after Johannson's grandmother

Rose Elizabeth (2000)

Kim Wylde (singer)

Rose Kennedy (1988)

Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg (author/philanthropist)

Rose was Caroline's grandmother's name

Rose Lenore Sophia (2000)

Robert Blake (actor, "Baretta")

Roseanne (1955)

Johnny Cash (country musician) & Vivian Liberto

Rosie (1984)

Bryan Brown (Australian actor) & Rachel Ward (actor)

Ross (1987)

Diana Ross (singer)

Rossif (1978)

Donald Sutherland (actor)

Rowan Francis (f) (2003)

Brooke Shields (actor)

Roxanne (1992)

Gérard Depardieu (acteur)

Royal Reign (f) (2014) Lil' Kim & Mr. Papers (rappers)  

Royce Beckly (m)

Sinbad (comic)

Rozanne Lea

June Carter Cash (country singer)


Andy Serkis (actor)

Ruby (1994)

Suzanne Vega (musician)

Ruby (1987)

Rod Stewart (singer) & Kelly Emberg

Ruby (1985)

Patty Smyth (Scandal singer)

Ruby (1982)

Al Green (R&B singer)

Ruby Diamond

Neil Diamond (singer)

Ruby Megan (2007)

Charlotte Church (child prodigy opera singer)

Ruby Jane Sweetheart (2006) Tobey Maguire (actor) & Jen Meyer (jewelry designer/daughter of Universal Pictures CEO) they picked Ruby because "They treasure her like a jewel"

Rudy (2002)

Jude Law & Sadie Frost (actors)

Rudy Brae Bowman Smith (2008)

Edith Bowman (BBC Radio1 DJ) & Tom Smith (Editors singer/guitarist)

Rufus Tiger (1991)

Roger Taylor (Queen drummer)

Rumer Glenn (f) (1988)

Demi Moore & Bruce Willis (actors)

Russell "Russy" Simmons (1997)

Rev. Run (Run DMC)

Rev. Run's real name is also Russell Simmons.

Russell (twin)

Bruce Hornsby (musician)

Ruth (1985)

Eric Clapton (musician)


Harvey Weinstein (film producer) & Eve Chilton


Ryan Daniel (1982)

Jackson Browne (musician)

Ryan Ruby Mae Dirnt (2010)

Mike Dirnt (bassist, Green Day) & wife Brittany

Ryder Lee (2000)

John Leguizamo (actor)

Ryder Russell (2004)

Kate Hudson (actor) & Chris Robinson (Black Crowes)

"I was eight months pregnant and every night he ended his show with a song called "Ride". Ryder would go insane in my stomach every time and it had to be the bass line. It's kind of a funk song. I made a joke and said, 'Wouldn't it be funny if we called him Ride.' We're Grateful Dead fans and 'I Know You Rider' is one of our favorite songs. I just went, 'Ryder,' that sounds great and it feels like him" -- Kate Hudson

Russell is after Hudson's stepfather, actor Kurt Russell

Rylan Jaxson Mabius (2008)
Eric Mabius (actor)


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