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Name Gender Birth Year Parent 1 Parent 2 Notes/Naming Quotes
Maasai Mohandas m 1994 John Singleton (film director) Tosha Lewis
Mabel f 1986 Tracey Ullman (actor) Allan McKeown (producer)
Mabel f 2016 Russell Brand (comedian/actor) Laura Gallacher (blogger)
Mabel Jane f 2017 Topher Grace (actor) Ashley Hinshaw Grace
Mabel Ray  f 2008 Dermot Mulroney (actor) Tharita Catulle
Mabel Ray  f 2012 Bruce Willis (actor)  Emma Heming-Willis (model)
Mable  f 1996 Neneh Cherry (musician) Cameron "Booga Bear" McVey (music producer)
Maceo f 2016 Jesse Williams (actor) Aryn Drake-Lee
Maceo-Robert  f 2013 Halle Berry (actor)  Olivier Martinez
Macey Lyn  f 2004 Matthew Lillard (actor) Heather Helm
Machai m 2016 Drew Sidora (actor) Ralph Pittman
MacKenlee Faire f 2017 Matt Lanter (actor) Angela Stacy (blogger)
Mackenzie Alexander m 1973 Patty Duke (actor) John Astin (actor)
Mackenzie Jean  f 2005 J.K. Rowling (author) Neil Murray (doctor)
Mackenzie Lynn  f 1998 Trace Adkins (country singer) Rhonda Forlaw
MaClay DaLayne  f 1996 Clay Walker (country musician) Lori Jayne Lampson (rodeo queen)
Maddie Briann  f 2008 Jamie Lynn Spears (Britney Spears' sister) Casey Aldridge Briann is in honor of Casey's [dad] cousin and close friend, Brian, who was killed in a car accident, as well as Jamie Lynn's older brother Bryan.
Maddox Chivan  m 2001 Brad Pitt (actor) Angelina Jolie (actor) was born Rath Vibol in Cambodia, and adopted as an infant by Jolie.
Madelaine West  f 1999 David Duchovny (actor) Tea Leoni (actor)
Madeleine f 1995 Stephen Colbert (tv host/comedian) Evelyn McGee-Colbert
Madelyn f 1991 Lea Thompson (actor) Howard Deutch (film director)
Madilyn Grace f 2010 Ne-Yo (R&B musician) Monyetta Shaw (singer/songwriter)
Madilyn Jane f 2017 Jon 'Jonny Fairplay' Dalton (reality tv star) Caryn Finkbeiner
Madison f 1996 Johnny Knoxville (actor)  Melanie Lynn Cates
Madison Brown f 2011 Stephen Belafonte (producer) Melanie Brown "Scary Spice" (singer- the Spice Girls)
Maeve Frances f 2007 Chris O'Donnell (actor) Caroline Fentress
Maeve Jeanne f 1955 Captain Kangaroo (Robert Keeshan) Annie Jeanne Laurie Keeshan
Maggie Elizabeth  f 1998 Faith Hill (country singer) Tim McGraw (country musician)
Maggie Liberty  f 2004 Keeley Hawes (actor)  Matthew McFadyen (actor)
Maggie Marie  f 1995 Pat Sajak (tv host) Lesly Brown Sajak
Maggie Rose  f 2006 Jon Stewart (tv host) Tracey Lynn McShane
Magnolia Renée  f 2011 Adrian Young (drummer, No Doubt)  Nina Kent
Magnus Hamilton  m 2012 Jennifer Nettles (musician- Sugarland)  Justin Miller (model)
Magnus Hart  m 2007 Kristy Swanson (actor)  Lloyd Eisler (figure skater)
Magnus Mitchell  m 2012 Elizabeth Banks (actor)  Max Handelman (sports writer/producer)
Magnus Paulin  m 2004 Will Ferrell (actor) Vivica Paulin (actor) "My wife was born in Sweden and we loved the idea of a Scandinavian name. I've gotten a lot of flack: 'What kind of ego do you have to have to name your child the great one?' That is not it at all."
Maia Grace  f 1997 Garrison Keillor (radio host, author)  Jenny Lind Nilsson (violinist)
Maimiti f 1977 Marlon Brando (actor) Tarita Teriipaia (actor) Maimiti was Teriipaia's daughter, Brando adopted her.
Mairin f 2011 Shaun Cassidy (singer/actor) Tracey Lynne Turner (producer)
Maison Avery William  m 1998 Rob Thomas (musician- Matchbox 20) Marisol Maldonado (model)
Maiya Grace f 2015 Justin Baldoni (actor/director) Emily Foxler Baldoni (actor)
Major James m 2016 Eva Amurri Martino (actor)  Kyle Martino (tv sports analyst)
Major Philant m 2008 T.I. (rapper) Tameka "Tiny" Cottle Harris
Makani Ravello  f 2006 Woody Harrelson (actor) Laura Louie (organic food businesswoman)
Makeda Jahnesta  f 1981 Bob Marley (reggae musician)  Yvette Crichton
Makena'lei Gordon Carnahan  f 2004 Helen Hunt (actor) Matthew Carnahan (actor) Makena'lei comes from the name of a town in Maui, Hawaii. Or, Makena Lei was named after a friend's dream which means "many flowers of heaven". 'Gordon' is in honor of Helen's father, Gordon Hunt.
Maksim  m 2002 Candace Cameron (actor) Valeri Bure (hockey player)
Malaak Shabazz (twin) f 1965 Malcolm X (activist) Betty Shabazz (educator)
Malachy  m 2005 Cillian Murphy (actor) Yvonne McGuinness (artist)
Malcolm  m 1987 Tracy Morgan (actor/comic)  Sabina Morgan
Malcolm  m 1987 Harrison Ford (actor) Melissa Matheson (screen writer)
Malcolm (twin) m 1991 Denzel Washington (actor) Pauletta Pearson
Mali f 1984 Danny Elfman (musician/film score composer)  Geri Eisenmenger
Malikah Shabazz (twin) f 1965 Malcolm X (activist) Betty Shabazz (educator)
Malu Abeni Valentine  f 1990 David Byrne (musician- Talking Heads) Adelle Lutz (costume designer)
Mandisa  f 1979 Danny Glover (actor) Asake Bomani
Mandla Kadjay Carl Stevland m 2005 Stevie Wonder (musician) Kai Millard Morris
Manuel Cuotemoc m 1971 Louis Malle (film director) Gila von Weitershausen (actor)
Manzie Tio  f 2000 Soon-Yi Previn Woody Allen (actor/film director)  named after jazz musician Manzie Johnson
Mao m 2005 Luc Besson (film director) Virginie Silla (film producer)
Maple Sylvie  f 2012 Jason Bateman (actor)  Amanda Anka (actor)
Marc m 1967 Neil Sedaka (singer) Leba Stassberg
Marc Anthony  m 1971 Tony Danza (actor) Rhonda Yeoman
Marcel  m 1998 Stella Tennant (model) David Lasnet (photographer)
Marcel  m 2011 Marion Cotillard (actor)  Guillaume Canet (actor/director)
Marcella Francesca f 2002 James Hetfield (musician- Metallica) Francesca Tomasi
Marcello Daniel m 2010 Diablo Cody (screenwriter)  Daniel Maurio
Marci  f 1976 Calvin Klein (fashion designer) Jayne Centre (textile designer)
Marcus James m 1990 Michael Jordan (basketball player) Juanita Vanoy Jordan
Marcus Wyatt m 1967 Tommy Chong (actor) Shelby Fiddis (actor/comedian)
Margaret Laura "Mila"  f 2013 Jenna Bush (presidential daughter)  Henry Hager was named for both grandmothers
Margo Howard  f 1940 Ann Landers (advice columnist) Jules Lederer (businessman)
Margot  f 2013 Jamie Cullum (singer/songwriter)  Sophie Dahl (model/author)
Margot  f 1950 Bette Davis (actor)  Gary Merrill (actor)
Maria Adela f 2009 Penelope Ann Miller (actor)  James Huggins
Maria Isabel "Chabeli" f 1972 Julio Iglecias (singer) Isabel Preysler (journalist/tv host)
Maria Lownds Dylan  f 1961 Bob Dylan (singer/songwriter) Sara Lownds (model/secretary) Lownds' daughter from previous marriage; adopted by Dylan
Maria Burton  f 1961 Elizabeth Taylor (actor) Richard Burton (actor) Maria was adopted from Germany during Taylor's marriage with Eddie Fisher, but was finalized after their divorce. Richard Burton adopted her upon his marriage to Taylor.
Mariah f 2008 Busta Rhymes (rapper) Jill Miskelly
Marian Hubbard "Daisy"  f 1880–1962 Alexander Graham Bell (inventor) Mabel Gardiner Hubbard
Mariana Oliveira Morales  f 2010 Esai Morales (actor)  Elvimar Silva
Marin  f 1962 Dennis Hopper (actor) Brooke Hayward (actor)
Marina Pearl  f 2004 Matt LeBlanc ("Friends" actor) Melissa McKnight (model)
Marion Loretta Elwell (twin) f 2009 Matthew Broderick (actor) Sarah Jessica Parker (actor)
Marisa f
John Wayne (actor) Pilar Pallete (actor)
Marjorie  f 1905-1934 Robert Frost (poet) Elinor Frost
Marjorie  f
Neil Diamond (singer) Jaye Posner (teacher)
Mark Fraser  m 1956 Michael Landon (actor) Dodie Levy-Fraser
Marley Mae f 2012 Shane Lynch (singer-Boyzone) Sheena White (singer)
Marlo Stevenson f 2008 Rob Corddry (actor/comic) Sandra Corddry
Marlon  m 1969 Keith Richards (Rolling Stones guitarist) Anita Pallenberg (actor/artist/model)
Marlon  m 1993 Dennis Miller (comic) Carolyn "Ali" Espley (model)
Marlow Alice f 2017 David Cross (comic/actor) Amber Tamblyn (actor) Tamblyn announced that Marlow's name was really Dauphinoise Petunia Brittany Scheherazade Von Fünkinstein Mustard Witch RBG Cross Tamblyn-Bey jr. in Instagram
Marlowe Mae  f 2014 Eva Amurri Martino (actor)  Kyle Martino (tv sports analyst)
Marlowe Ottoline Layng f 2012 Sienna Miller (actor/model) Tom Sturridge (actor)
Marlowe Rivers f 2010 Jason Schwartzman (actor)  Brady Cunningham (artist)
Marmaduke  m 2006 Bear Grylls (tv personality) Shara Cannings Knight
Marnie Rose  f 2013 Lily Allen (musician)  Sam Cooper
Marquise m
Eazy-E (rapper- NWA)

Marquise  m 1997 50 Cent (rapper) Shaniqua Tompkins
Marre f 2005 Jim Gaffigan (comic)  Jeannie Noth Gaffigan
Mars Merkaba  f 2009 Erykah Badu (musician) Jay Electronica (musician)
Marshall Williams (twin) m 2011  Peyton Manning (football player)  Ashley Manning
Martin m
Dave Davies (musician- The Kinks) Lisbet Davies
Martin  m 2014 Leelee Sobieski (actor) Adam Kimmel (fashion designer)
Martina f
Quincy Jones (music producer) Ulla Andersson (actor)
Mary f 1988 Glenn Beck (radio host, author) Claire Beck
Mary  f 1969 Paul McCartney (Beatles bassist) Linda Eastman (photographer)
Mary  f 1648 John Milton (poet) Mary Powell
Mary Angela "Mamie" f 1838-1896 Charles Dickens (writer) Catherine Thomson Hogarth
Mary Antonia "Toni" f 1936-2000 John Wayne (actor) Josephine S. Wayne (diplomat)
Mary Claire  f 1987 Steve Winwood (Traffic, Blind Faith) Eugenia Crafton
Mary E. f 1957-1957 Don Everly (musician- Everly Brothers) Mary Sue Ingraham
Mary Eleanor f 1842-1842 Charles Darwin (naturalist) Emma Wedgwood
Mary James  f 2006 James Marsden (actor) Mary Elizabeth "Lisa" Linde
Mary Louisa  f 2002 Jane Kaczmarek (actor) Bradley Whitford (actor)
Mary Luana f 1967 Jane Fonda (actor)  Tom Hayden (political activist) She was adopted as a teenager
Mary Lucille Diana f 2016 Zac Hanson (drummer-Hanson) Kate Hanson
Mary Suzette Rochelle f 1955 L. Ron Hubbard (Scientology inventor) Mary Sue Whipp
Mary Willa "Mamie"  f 1983 Meryl Streep (actor) Don Gummer (sculptor)
Mary-Elizabeth  f 2010 Clay Walker (country musician) Jessica Craig (model)
Maryum "May May" f 1968 Muhammed Ali (boxer) Belinda Boyd aka Khalilah Ali
Mason  m 1996 Cuba Gooding Jr. (actor) Sara Kapfer
Mason  m 1990 Ang Lee (director) Jane Lin (microbiologist)
Mason Dash Disick  m 2009 Kourtney Kardashian (socialite)  Scott Disick
Mason Evan m 2011 Ne-Yo (R&B musician) Monyetta Shaw (singer/songwriter)
Mason James  m 2002 Adrian Young (drummer, No Doubt)  Nina Kent
Mason Olivia  f 2001 Kelsey Grammer (actor)  Camille Grammer
Mason Tru  m 1999 Josie Bisset (actor) Rob Estes (actor)
Mason Walter m 2006 Melissa Joan Hart (actor) Mark Wilkerson (musician)
Massai Zhivago II m 2000 Nia Long (actor) Massai Dorsey
Mateo Bravery  m 2005 Benjamin Bratt  Talisa Soto (actor)
Mathias m 1967 Roger Daltrey (guitarist- The Who) Elisabeth Aronsson (model)
Mathilda Ereni  f 2003 Molly Ringwald (actor) Panio Gianopoulos (writer/editor)
Matilda  f 1987 Bryan Brown (Australian actor)  Rachel Ward (actor)
Matilda Plum f 2004 Moon Unit Zappa (actor) Paul Doucette (musician- Matchbox Twenty)
Matilda Rose  f 2005 Heath Ledger (actor) Michelle Williams (actor)
Mattea Angel  f 2004 Mira Sorvino (actor) Chris Backus (actor)
Matteo m 2003 Colin Firth (actor) Livia Giuggioli (film producer/director)
Matteo  m 1997 Andrea Boccelli (opera singer) Enrica Cenzatti
Matteo (twin) m 2008 Ricky Martin (singer) born via gestational carrier
Matteo Oliver m 2015 Stanley Tucci (actor) Felicity Blunt (literary agent)
Matthew m 1976 Elvis Costello (musician)  Mary Burgoyne last name is MacManus, which is Costello's real last name.
Matthew m
Alex Trebek (tv host) Jean Currivan Trebek
Matthew  m 1997 Nancy Kerrigan (olympic figure skater) Jerry Solomon (agent)
Matthew  m 1994 Catherine O'Hara (actor) Bo Welch (production designer)
Matthew (twin) m 1993  Ray Romano (actor/comic) Anna Scarpulla
Matthew Alejandro m 2011 Tommy Mottola (record Producer)  Thalia (singer/songwriter) last name is Mottola Sodi (Sodi is Thalia's last name)
Matthew Edward  m 1993 Rob Lowe (actor) Sheryl Berkoff
Matthew Jay m 1995 Maury Povich (tv host) Connie Chung (tv journalist)
Matthew Phineas (twin) m 1970 Mia Farrow (actor)  Andre Previn (orchestra conductor)
Matthew Richard  m 1999 Marie Osmond (singer/tv host) Brian Blosil
Matthew Thomas Clarence  m 2004 Phil Collins (Genesis drummer) Orianne Cevey
Matthias  Paulin  m 2006 Will Ferrell (actor)  Vivica Paulin (actor)
Mattie Denise  f 1990 Alan Jackson (country musician) Denise Jackson Denise is also Mattie's mother's name
Maurice Y (twin) m 1985 Andy Summers (guitarist- the Police) Kate Lunken
Maven Sonae  f 2013 Tracy Morgan (actor/comic)  Megan Wollover (model)
Mavis f 1991 Alfre Woodard (actor) Roderick Spencer (writer)
Max m 1997 John McGinley (Actor) Lauren Lambert
Max m 2011 James Corden (tv host) Julia Carey
Max  m 1985 Amy Irving (actor) Steven Spielberg (film director) 
Max Aaron Gottfried  m 2009 Gilbert Gottfried (comic)  Dara Kravitz Gottfried GG's father's name is also Max and the M is also for DG's grandmother Mildred. DG's grandfather's name was also Aaron.
Max Daniel m 1983 Henry Winkler (actor, "Happy Days") Stacey Furstman Winkler
Max Liron Bratman  m 2008 Christina Aguilera (singer)  Jordan Bratman (music industry guy) Liron means "my song" in Hebrew (dad is Jewish).
Max Sheen (twin) m 2009 Charlie Sheen (actor) Brooke Mueller (actor/real estate investor)
Maxfield Elliot  m 2006 Eric Mabius (actor) Ivy Sherman (interior designer)
Maxima Chan f 2015 Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook creator) Priscilla Chan
Maximilian David (twin) m 2008 Marc Anthony (musician) Jennifer Lopez (actor/musician)  David is J. Lo's father's name
Maximilian John "Maxx" m 1986 Danielle Steel (romance novelist) John Traina (vintner)
Maximilian Michael  m 1972 Mel Brooks (film director)  Anne Bancroft (actor)
Maxine f
Page McConnell (musician-Phish)

Maxine Vita  f 2011 Nick Hexum (musician- 311)  Nikki Hexum
Maxwell Drew  f 2012 Jessica Simpson (singer/tv host)  Eric Johnson (NFL player) Maxwell is Johnson's grandmother's name. Drew is Simpson's grandmother's maiden name.
Maxwell Edward m 2009 Lance Armstrong (tour de France cyclist) Anna Hansen
Maxwell Geoffrey m 1984 Dustin Hoffman (actor) Lisa Gottsegen Hoffman (businesswoman)
Maxwell Lue f 2012 Lindsay Sloane (actor) Dar Rollins (talent agent)
Maxwell Roland-Samuel m 2017 Justin Baldoni (actor/director) Emily Foxler Baldoni (actor)
May f
Peter Garrett (musician- Midnight Oil/Politician)

Maya f 2017 Gal Gadot (actor) Yaron Versano
Maya Ray  f 1998 Ethan Hawke (actor) Uma Thurman (actor) last name is Thurman-Hawke
Maya Rose  f 2002 Josie Bisset (actor) Rob Estes (actor)
McCanna Anthony m 1990 Gary Sinise (actor) Moira Harris (actor)
McCoy Lee m 2015 Scott Porter (actor) Kelsey Mayfield-Porter (former college cheerleader)
Mckenna Lane  f 1997 Mary Lou Retton (olympic gymnast) Shannon Kelley (real estate developer/college football player)
McKenna Marie Taylor f 1991 Marilyn Chambers (porn star) Tom Taylor (truck driver)
Me'arah Sanaa f 2006 Shaquille O'Neal (basketball) Shaunie O'Neal
Meg  f 1997 Andy Dick (actor) Lena Sved
Meghann Teresa  f 1979 Emmylou Harris (country musician) Brian Ahern
Mekhi Thira Jr. m 2007 Mekhi Phifer (actor) Oni Souratha
Melanie f 1987 Vanessa Williams (model/singer) Ramon Hervey II
Melanie  f 1976 Peter Gabriel (musician) Jill Moore
Melanie Ann  f 1964 William Shatner (actor) Gloria Rand
Melinda  f 1940 John Wayne (actor) Josephine S. Wayne (diplomat)
Melissa Stewart "Lissy" f 1961 Paul Newman (actor) Joanne Woodward (actor)
Melody f
Philip Michael Thomas (actor) Sheila Wills
Melva f
Barry White (R & B singer) Betty Smith White
Memphis m 2017 Jason Aldean (country musician) Brittany Kerr
Memphis Eve  f 1991 Bono (U2 singer) Alison Stewart Hewson (activist/businesswoman)
Mercedes  f 1991 Val Kilmer (actor) Joanne Whalley (actor)
Mercy m 2003 Master P (rapper) Sonya C (singer)
Meredith f 1950 Charles Schulz (cartoonist) Joyce Halverson
Meril Lovelace  f 2004 Emeril Lagasse (chef) Alden Lovelace (real estate broker)
Merlin (twin) m 1990 Bryan Ferry (musician- Roxy Music) Lucy Helmore (model)
Merri Kelly f 2001 Sean Hannity (radio host) Jill Rhodes
Merrin Elizabeth Joy  f 2012 Bo Bice (country musician)  Caroline Merrin Fisher
Messiah Lauren  f 2005 Allen Iverson (basketball player) Tawanna Turner
Messiah Ya'Majesty m 2000 T.I. (rapper) Lashon Dixon
Mia  f 1998 Aidan Quinn (actor) Elizabeth Bracco (actor)
Mia Abagale f 1978 Steven Tyler (musician- Aerosmith) Cyrinda Foxe (model)
Mia Grace Ella  f 2000 Andrew Niccol (film director/producer) Susan Grace Jennifer Sullivan
Mia Honey  f 2000 Kate Winslet (actor)  Jim Threapleton (director)
Mia Innes f 2002 Laura Innes (actor) David Brisbin (actor)
Mia Loren  f 2011 Ian Ziering (actor)  Erin Ludwig Ziering (nurse)
Mia Love f 2018 Robin Thicke (singer) April Love Geary
Mia Rose f 1996 Peter Frampton (musician) Christina Elfers
Mica  f
Howard Jones (musician) Jan Jones
Micah m 1978 Neil Diamond (singer) Marcia Murphey (production assistant)
Micah m 2011 Lauryn Hill (musician)

Micah m 1995 Katt Williams (actor/comic/rapper) Quadirah Locus Micah is Williams' real first name
Michael m 1994 Mary McDonnell (actor) Randle Mell (actor)
Michael m 2011 Jim Gaffigan (comic)  Jeannie Noth Gaffigan
Michael m 1971 Edward James Olmos (actor) Katija Keel
Michael m 1985 Damon Wayans (actor) Lisa Thorner
Michael m 1963 Colin Powell (General/US politician) Alma Johnson Powell (audiologist)
Michael m 1973 Casey Kasem (radio host) Linda Myers
Michael  m 2006 Mark Wahlberg (actor, former rapper) Rhea Durham (model)
Michael  m 1934-2003 John Wayne (actor) Josephine S. Wayne (diplomat)
Michael  m
Joe Piscopo (comic) Kimberly Driscoll
Michael  m 1971 Dennis Wilson (musician- the Beach Boys) Barbara Charren
Michael  m 1952 Bette Davis (actor)  Gary Merrill (actor)
Michael  m 1984 Barry Gibb (musician- Bee Gees) Linda Gray (former Miss Scotland)
Michael Brian  m 1991-2010 Marie Osmond (singer/tv host) Brian Blosil
Michael Cormac  m 1996 Tim Roth (actor) Nikki Butler
Michael Derek m 1950 Captain Kangaroo (Robert Keeshan) Annie Jeanne Laurie Keeshan
Michael Garrett  m 1995 Melissa Gilbert (actor) Bruce Boxleitner (actor/writer) Michael is after actor Michael Landon, and Garrett is after "Garrett Peckinpah, her friend Sandy Peckinpah's son, who had died suddenly of meningitis at age 16"
Michael Graham Jr. m 1965 Michael Landon (actor) Marjorie Lynn Noe
Michael Hilary Reuel  m 1920 J.R.R. Tolkien (writer) Edith Mary Bratt Tolkien Hilary is JRR's Brother's name. Reuel was Tolkien's father's middle name, as well as one of his middle names.
Michael Howard m 1953 Elizabeth Taylor (actor) Michael Wilding (actor)
Michael Jack m 1991 Oliver Stone (film director) Elizabeth Burkit Cox
Michael Joseph  m 1997 Kelly Ripa (actor) Mark Consuelos (actor)
Michael Robinson m
Shawty Lo (rapper)

Michael Sean  m 1966 Gregg Allman (musician)  Mary Lynn Green (waitress)
Michael John m 1946 Charlie Chaplin (actor/director)  Oona O'Neil
Michaela Kitlin f 2000 Ming-Na Wen (actor) Eric Michael Zee
Micheál Richard Antonio  m 1995 Liam Neeson (actor) Natasha Richardson (actor)
Michelle f 1970 John Mellencamp (musician) Priscilla Esterline
Michelle  f 1973 Tom Clancy (writer) Wanda Thomas King (ophthamologist)
Michi f
George Foreman (boxer) Adrienne Calhoun
Mico  m 1972 Edward James Olmos (actor) Katija Keel
Miguel Alejandro  m 1997 Julio Iglecias (singer) Miranda Rijnsburger (model)
Miguel Leon m 2002 Mike Tyson (boxer) 

Mika Hallie  f 1970 Emmylou Harris (country musician) Tom Slocum (songwriter)
Mikaela George (twin) f 1996 Kate Capshaw (actor) Steven Spielberg (film director) 
Mikayla De Leon f 2006 Daniel Jones (musician- Savage Garden)  Kathleen de Leon Jones (musician, Hi5)
Mikey Lorna f 1990 Mike Tyson (boxer)  Kimberly Scarborough Lorna was Mike Tyson's mother's name
Miko Castaneda m 1960 Marlon Brando (actor) Movita Castaneda
Milan f 2008 Mike Tyson (boxer)  Lakiha "Kiki" Spicer
Milán Hayat  f 2007 Scott Stapp (singer, Creed) Jaclyn Stapp Milán has been chosen from Scott's Cherokee heritage for its definition, which is 'to have the creativity of God.' Hayat is from Jaclyn's Jordanian upbringing and is simply 'to give life.'
Milán Piqué Mebarak  m 2013 Shakira (singer)  Gerard Piqué (footballer) “The name Milan (pronounced MEE-lahn), means dear, loving and gracious in Slavic; in Ancient Roman, eager and laborious; and in Sanskrit, unification. Just like his father, baby Milan became a member of FC Barcelona at birth.”
Miles  m 2005 Mayim Bialik (actor, neuroscientist) Michael Stone
Miles Brockman m 1994 Lionel Richie (singer) Diane Alexander
Miles Guthrie  m 1992 Susan Sarandon (actor) Tim Robbins (actor)
Miles Macklin m 2018 Ginger Zee (tv meteorlogist) Ben Aaron (tv personality) last name is Colonomos
Miles Mitchell  m 1992 Eddie Murphy (comic/actor) Nicole Mitchell
Miles Robert m 2011 Glenn Howerton (actor) Jill Latiano (actor)
Miles Thomas  m 2000 Joan Cusack (actor) Richard Burke (businessman)
Miles William  m 1997 Elisabeth Shue (actor) David Guggenheim (film director) named after Elisabeth’s late brother, William, who tragically died at the family’s summer home on Block Island, Rhode Island in a tire swing accident.
Miles Xavier  m 2006 Larenz Tate (actor) Tomasina Parrott (actor)
Miley Justine  f 2007 Rev. Run (Run-DMC) Justine Jones
Milla (twin) f 2017 Fredrik Eklund (tv host/real estate broker) Derek Kaplan (artist)
Miller Alasdhair James m 2005 Stella McCartney (fashion designer)  Alasdhair Willis (publisher)
Miller Steven (twin) m 2006 Melissa Etheridge (musician)  Tammy Michaels (actor) .
Millie  f 2008 David Wenham (actor) Kate Agnew
Millie Mercy f 2018 Coy Bowles (guitarist- Zac Brown Band) Kylie Brown
Million Tyler m
Mystikal (Rapper)

Milo  m 1990 Mel Gibson (actor/film director) Robyn Denise Moore (dental nurse)
Milo Hamish  m 2002 Craig Ferguson (tv host) Sascha Corwin (founder and proprietor of Los Angeles' SpySchool)
Milo Jacob m 2001 Camryn Manheim (actor) Jeffrey Brezovar (model)
Milo Sebastian m 1997 Ricki Lake (actor/tv host) Rob Sussman (illustrator)
Milo Thomas  m 2011 Alyssa Milano (actor)  David Bugliari (agent)
Milo William  m 2004 Liv Tyler (actor)  Royston Langdon (musician, Spacehog)
Mina Bree f 2002 Antonio Sabato Jr. (actor)  Kristin Rossetti
Ming Lee f 2000 Kimora Lee Simmons (tv host, CEO)  Russell Simmons (hip hop producer)
Mingus Lucien  m 1999 Helena Christensen (model) Norman Reedus (actor)
Minnie f 2013 Maya Rudolph (actor/comic) Paul Thomas Anderson (film director)
Minnie Theodora  f 2018 Jack Osbourne (tv personality, son of Ozzy)  Lisa Stelly
Mirabella Bunny  f 2011 Bryan Adams (musician)  Alicia Grimaldi "She arrived like all good Easter bunnies on Easter Friday"
Miranda Scarlett  f 2012 Rob Schneider (actor)  Patricia Azarcoya Schneider (tv producer)
Miriam  f 1957 Ruth  "Dr. Ruth" Westheimer (sex therapist/tv personality) Manfred Westheimer
Misha  m 1971 Charles Aznavour (singer/actor) Ulla Thorsell Misha was Azanavour's father's name
Missy  f 1999 Damon Albarn (musician - Blur, Gorillaz) Suzi Winstanley (artist) named after musician Missy Elliott
Misty Kyd  f 2002 Sharleen Spiteri (musician- Texas) Ashley Heath (magazine editor) named after the phrase from the Clint Eastwood film Play Misty for Me and Wild West outlaw Billy the Kid
Miya f 1972 Muhammed Ali (boxer) Patricia Harvell
Mollie Elizabeth  f 1999 Gabrielle Carteris (actor) Charles Isaacs (stock broker)
Mollie Elizabeth (twin) f 1984 Meredith Baxter (actor) Ted Birney (actor)
Mollie Sara Israel  f 1985 Amy Heckerling (film director) Neal Israel (film director)
Molly f 1972 Elliott Gould (actor) Jennifer Bogart
Molly  f 1995 Teri Garr (actor) John O'Neil (contractor)
Molly  f 1980 Mike Oldfield (musician) Sally Cooper
Molly  f 1997 Liam Gallagher (musician- Oasis)  Lisa Moorish (musician, Kill City)
Molly  f 1975 Jeffrey Tambor (actor) Joyce Carel
Molly  f 2001 Dolores O'Riordan (singer- the Cranberries) Don Burton (tour manager)
Molly Ariel (twin) f 1987 Cybill Shepard (actor) Bruce Oppenheim (chiropractor)
Molly Blue f
Veronica Webb (model)

Molly Brigid Allison  f 2005 Monica Potter (actor) Daniel Christopher Allison (orthopedic surgeon)
Molly Elizabeth f 1987 James Brolin (actor) Jan Smithers (actor)
Molly Foo f 2008 Sharin Foo (musician- the Raveonettes) Greg Edwards (musician-Autolux)
Molly Jong-Fast f 1978 Erica Jong (author) Howard Fast (novelist)
Molly June Friedman  f 2009 Amanda Peet (actor) David Benioff (screenwriter) Friedman is Benioff's "real" surname; Benioff is a pen name
Monica f
Philip Michael Thomas (actor)
Monica is Thomas's step-daughter
Monroe (twin) f 2011 Nick Cannon (actor/comic/rapper) Mariah Carey (singer)  Named for Marilyn Monroe. She doesn't have a middle name because Mariah Carey also doesn't have a middle name.
Monroe Skye f 2018 Maryse Ouellet Mizanine (pro wrestler/model) Mike “The Miz” Mizanin (wrestler)
Montague George Hector m 2017 Geri Halliwell  "Ginger Spice" (musician- The Spice Girls) Christian Horner (Formula One racer)
Montana  f 1991 Laurence Fishburne (actor) Hajna O. Moss (actor)
Montana Eve  f 1994 Judd Hirsch (actor) Bonni Sue Chalkin (fashion designer)
Montana James  m 1996 Richard Thomas (actor) Georgiana Bischoff
Monte m 1952 Charles Schulz (cartoonist) Joyce Halverson
Montgomery (twin) m 1959 James Doohan (actor) Janet Young
Montgomery Moses Brian m 2015 Sascha Baron Cohen  Isla Fisher (actor)
Moon Unit  f 1967 Frank Zappa (musician) Adelaide Gail Sloatman Zappa
Morgan  f 1996 Clint Eastwood (actor/director) Dina Ruiz (newscaster)
Morgan  m 1955 James Mason (actor) Pamela Mason
Morgan Erin Rubio m
Pete Rose (baseball player) Terri Rubio acknowledged after paternity suit
Morgan Patrick "Little Buck" m 2006 Neal McDonough (actor) Ruvé Robertson (model)
Morgana f
Morgan Freeman (actor) Jeanette Adair Bradshaw
Morgane  f 1993 Roman Polanski (film director) Emmanuelle Seigner (actor)
Moroccan Scott (twin) m 2011 Nick Cannon (actor/comic/rapper) Mariah Carey (singer)  Moroccan is named after the decor in a room in Carey's apartment where Cannon proposed. Scott is Cannon's middle name, also his grandmother's maiden name.
Morocco Elijah  m 2011 Mike Tyson (boxer)  Lakiha "Kiki" Spicer
Mortimer m 2012 Shannyn Sossamon (actor) Dallas Clayton (author/illustrator)
Moses Amadeus Farrow "Misha"  m 1978 Mia Farrow (actor) Woody Allen (actor/filmmaker) adopted from Korea at age 2
Moses Bruce Anthony m 2006 Gwyneth Paltrow (actor)  Chris Martin (musician, Coldplay) Named after a song Martin wrote for Paltrow
Mosley Thompson (twin) f 2011  Peyton Manning (football player)  Ashley Manning
Moxie CrimeFighter  f 2005 Penn Jillette (magician) Emily Jillette We chose her middle name because when she's pulled over for speeding she can say, `But officer, we're on the same side, My middle name is CrimeFighter.
Muhammed Jr. m 1972 Muhammed Ali (boxer) Belinda Boyd aka Khalilah Ali
Mumtaz m 1983 Stevie Wonder (musician) Melody McCulley
Musiq  m 2007 T-Pain (rapper) Amber Najm
My'Chelle f
Mystikal (Rapper)
named after his sister Michelle who died.
Myla Grace  f 2002 Tamia (R&B Singer/Songwriter) Grant Hill (basketball player)
Myles  m 2000 Keeley Hawes (actor)  Spencer McCallum (cartoonist)
Myles Jonathan m 1992 Marlon Brando (actor) Maria Cristina Ruiz (housekeeper)

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