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The abbreviations in the "category" column are: A=anglicization Tr=translation of a foreign name, L=primarily a last name, P=place name, S=Scots name, T=traditional native Gaelic name


Name category pronunciation meaning other forms & related names
Babag; Babaidh (f) Tr BOB ik; BOB ee dim. Of Barabal Barb; Barbie
Baird L BAYRD possibly, "a bard" Mac a'Bhaird
Baodan (m) T BOO tun A saint's name meaning, perhaps "vain; reckless, foolish" -
Baoithein (m) T BOOY en A saint's name of meaning, perhaps "vain; reckless, foolish." St. Baoithein was a cousin of St. Colum Cille (Columba) Bothan
Barabal (f) Tr BAR uh bal from Greek Barbara, meaning  "stranger." Barbara
Barclay L BAR klee From the place name Berkeley in England  
Barra (m) T BAR ra dim. of Barrfhionn ("fair head") -
Bealag (f) Tr BEL ak dim. of Iseabail, a form of Isobel (Elizabeth) Bella, Iseabail
Bearach (m) T BEH ruch spear; pointed weapon -
Bearchan (m) T BER chan, BAR chan dim. of Bearach -
Beasag; Eilispidh (f) Tr BES ik; AY lus pee dims. Of Ealasaid (Elizabeth) Bessie, Betsy
Beatan (m) T BEH tan A historical name belonging to a famed physician -
Beathag (f) T BEH ak "life" Bethia, Sophia, Rebecca,  Beatrice
Beathan (m) T BEH un "life" -
Beisdean (m) T BAES tchan dim. of Gilleasbaig Gillespie
Beitris (f) Tr BEE tu rish from Latin Beatrice, meaning possibly "voyager through life"  
Bethia (f) S/A BETH ee a A Hebrew name meaning "daughter of Jehovah." This name was used in Scotland as an anglicization of the   Gaelic Beathag. Its similarity to Beathag also contributed to its use on its own, or as a pet form of Elizabeth. Bathia, Elizabeth, Beathag
Bhididh (m) Tr VAW jee Dim. of Bhaltair Wally
Bhaltair; Bhtair; Btair (m) Tr VAL tar; VA tar; BA tar Old German, ruler of people Walter
Billean; Buillidh (m) Tr BIL yin; BOOL ee Dim. of Uilleam (William) influenced by Bill(y) Bill, Billy
Blair L BLARE plain, field-- refers to a battlefield blar
Blane (m) S/A BLAIN yellow Blan
Blr (m) T BLAWR plain, field-- refers to a battlefield Blair
Blthan (m) T BLAW un The name of a 6th century saint.  Blane
Boisil (m) T BO shil The name of a 7th century abbott. The name's origins are unknown.  Boswell
Bonnie (f) S/A BON nee from a Scots vocab word, meaning "good; fine," Bonnie is not used in Scotland, but popular in other countries with high Scottish immigrant populations. Bonny
Borgach (f) T BOR guch ? Victoria
Boyd (m) S/A BOID originally a nickname for a fair haired man. Also a surname buidhe
Bran (m) T BRAN This mythological name means "raven" among its most famous bearers was  Fionn Mac Cumhaill's dog. -
Branan (m) T BRAN an dim. of Bran -
Brandubh (m) T BRAN doow black raven Branduff
Breandan (m) T BREN dun modern form of Breannan Brendan, Breannan
Breannan (m) T BREN un from Welsh, " prince" Brendan
Breannan; Brianan (m) Tr BREN nun; BREE un nan from Welsh, "prince" Brendan, Breandan, Breannan
Brenda (f) S/A BREN da sword, brand this name originated in the Shetland Isles.
Brian (m) T BREE un from a Celtic word meaning "sterngth." Also used as a pet form of Breannan (Brendan). -
Brianag (f) T BREE uh nak strength. Celtic goddess name Briana
Brianan (m) T BREE un an dim. of Brian -
Brghde (f) T BREE ju strength. Celtic goddess name Bridget
Brodie L BRO dee This name is possibly from a Pictish word, or from the Gaelic meaning "rampart." Brothaigh, Brody
Bruce L BROOS This name is derived from one of several French place names (Le Brus, Brix etc.) It is often given to boys in honor of Robert the Bruce, known for defeating the British at Bannockburn. However, it was seldom used as a forename unti lthe 20th century.  Brus
Bryce L BRICE possibly derived from a French word meaning "speckled" Brice
Bryson L BRY sun son of Bryce?  
Buchanan L byoo KAN in canon's seat Canonach