Scottish Names: All Names from A-W


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The abbreviations in the "category" column are: A=anglicization Tr=translation of a foreign name, L=primarily a last name, P=place name, S=Scots name, T=traditional native Gaelic name


Name category pronunciation meaning other forms & related names
SÓra (f) Tr SAR a From Hebrew Sarah, "princess" Sarah
Scotaidh (m) T SCO tee a Scotsman Scottie
Scott L SKOT Scotsman- a surname originally given to a Gaelic speaker living in a non-Gaelic speaking area. Scot, Scotach
Sealbhach (m) T SHEH luh vuch fortunate; prosperous -
Searc (m) T SHERK, SHARK a form of Earc? -
SeÓrlaid (f) T SHAWR lutch instigator? A form of TeÓrlag Charlotte
Seathan; E˛in; Iain; Seon (m) Tr SHEH hun; {YO in; O in}; {EE in; EE ayn}; SHON From Hebrew John, "God is gracious" John, Ian
SŔitheach (m) T SHAY uch wolf Shaw
Senga (f) S/A SEN ga Probably from the Gaelic word seang, meaning "slender." However, its popularity derives from the fact it is Agnes spelled backwards.
Seonag; Seasag; Seasaidh;Teasaidh (f) Tr SHO nak; SHES ak; SHES ee;TSCHES ee dim. of Se˛naid Jinty, Jessie
Se˛naid (f) Tr SHAW nutch Feminine form of John, from Hebrew, "God is gracious" Janet
Se˛rdag (f) Tr SHOR dak dim. of Se˛rsag Georgie
Se˛rsa; De˛rsa (m) Tr SHORE sa; JOR sa From Greek George, "farmer" George
Se˛rsag (f) Tr SHOR sak feminine of Greek George, "farmer" Georgia
Seuman; Siamaidh (m) Tr SHAE man; SHI mee dims. of Seumas (James) Jamie
Seumas; Siamas (m) Tr SHAE mus; SHEE a mas From Hebrew Yacov, via English James, meaning, possibly "the supplanter" James, Hamish
Sgaire (m) Tr SKAW ra from Hebrew Zachariah, "Jehovah is renowned" Zachary
Shaw L SHAW pithful Seaghdha
Sheena (f) S/A SHEE na Anglicization of Sine, form of Jane. Sine, Jane
Sholto (m) S/A SHOL to propagator, sower, fruitful Sioltach
Shona (f) S/A SHO na Ang. of Seonaid, Scottish from of Janet, a fem. Of John Seonaid, Janet
Sidheag (f) T SHEE ak wolf -
Sýleas, Silis (f) T SHEE lus feminine form of Giles, a French form of the Greek saint Aegidius. Julia
Sim (m) Tr SHEEM From Hebrew Simon, "hearing" Simon
Simish (m) Tr SHEEM ee dim. of Sim Simon (dim.)
Sýne (f) Tr SHEE na form. of Jane,  a fem. Of John Jane
Sýneag (f) Tr SHEEN ak dim. of Sýne Janie
Sionn (m) T SHOONN fox -
Sitric (m) Tr SHEE trik From Norse, "true victory" Sigtryggr
Siubhan (f) Tr SHEE van; SHU van from Hebrew Judith- an old testament name with obscure origins. In modern times, it is often confused with Siobhan, an Irish form of Joan. Judith
Skye A SKY the name of a Scottish island, probably derived from the word sgian, meaning "knife."  
SlÓine (f) T SLAW nyeh health SlÓinidh, SlÓinte, 
SlÓinidh (f) T SLAW nee health  SlÓinte, SlÓine
SlÓinte (f) T SLAWN tcheh health SlÓinidh,  SlÓine
Solamh (m) Tr SOH luv From Hebrew Solomon, "peace" Solomon
S˛las (m) T SOH lus joy, comfort,  solace -
Somerled (m) S/A SUM er led from Norse, "summer wanderer" Somhairle, Sorley
Somhairle (m) Tr SOH er leh Gaelic form of Somerled Somerled, Sorley
Sorcha (f) Tr SOR uh kha light; brightness Clara, Claire
Sorley (m) A SOR lee from Norse Somerled, meaning "summer wanderer." Somerled, Somhairle
Steafan (m) Tr STE fun; SHTE fun Greek, crown Stephen
Stewart L STEW urt a steward Stiubhard
Stýonag (f) Tr SHTEEN ak dim. of Cairistýona (Christina) Tina
Sti¨bhart (m) Tr SHTOO urst; SHTOO urt Old English, steward Stewart
Struan (m) A STROO an, STROW an from a place name in Perthshire, this name is especially popular among the Robertson clan. Means, perhaps, "stream." Strowan  
Suain (m) Tr SOO eyn From Norse Svein, "strong youth" Sven
Suibhne (m) T SOOEE nyuh well-going Sween, Sweeney