Scottish Names: All Names from A-W


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The abbreviations in the "category" column are: A=anglicization Tr=translation of a foreign name, L=primarily a last name, P=place name, S=Scots name, T=traditional native Gaelic name


Name category pronunciation meaning other forms & related names
Caddell L ca DEL battle? Cadell
Cathella (f) S cath ELL a a blend of Catherine + -ella
Cailbhin (m) Tr KAL vin from Old French, "bald." See Calvin. Calvin
Cailean (m) T KA len, KE len whelp (young warrior) Colin
Cairbre (m) T KAR uh bra, KER uh bra charioteer or bearer Carbry
Caireall (m) T KA rel, KE rul form of Coireall Caral
Cairistžona (f) Tr car rus TCHEE na from Latin, "follower of Christ" Christina, see also Kirsty
Cairns L CAYRNS ? a name for someone who dwelt near a cairn, or stone pile built by ancient people.
Caitir (f) T KAH tcheer An old name with obscure origins. Clarissa
Caitržona (f) Tr ka TCHREE un na from Greek Catherine, a name with obscure origins, but is traditionally associated with the word "pure" Catherine
Caitržonag Tr cot CHREE un nak Dim. of Caitržona Katie, Kate
Callum (m) S/A CAH lum from Latin Columba, meaning "dove" Columba, Calum
Calum; Colum (m) Tr CAL lum; COL um from Latin Columba, meaning "dove" Columba, Callum
Caluman (m) Tr KA lu man Dim. of Calum Columba
Calvin (m) Tr KAL vin from Old French meaning "bald," this name is often given in honor of John Calvin, a Swiss Protestant reformer. 
Cameron L KAM er in crooked nose--may refer to a feature of the landscape Camshron
Campbell L KAM bul crooked mouth Caimbeul
Camran (m) T KAM uh run bent nose Cameron
Caoilte (m) T KOOL tcha a legendary name meaning, perhaps, "hard." -
Caoimhe (f) T KUY va kind; tender; beloved Keavy
Caointean (m) Tr KOON tchun Latin, fifth Quinton
Caointeorn (f) T KUIN tchorn "kind ruler". A 7th century saint's name. Kentigerna
Caorall (m) T KOO rull form of Coireall Caral
Carmag (m) T KA ruh muk form of Cormag Cormick
Carson L KAR sin derived from a French place name? de Carsan
Carter L KAR ter Though most commonly an English occupational surname denoting one who builds carts, Carter is also an anglicization of the surname Mac Artair, meaning "son of Arthur." Mac Artair, Arthur
Catan (m) T KAH tan small cat -
Cathal (m) T KA hul battle mighty -
Cathalan (m) T KA hul an dim. of Cathal -
Catriona (f) S/A kat REE na From the Greek Catherine, this spelling is the anglicized one. It was popularized over the Gaelic Caitržona by R.L. Drummond in his 1893 novel Catriona (the sequel to Kidnapped). Catherine, Caitržona- please pronounce this name like "Katrina" (not like kat-ree-OH-na or kat-ree-ON-a)!!!
Catržonag; Ceit; Ceitag; Ržona (f) Tr kat CHREE uh nak; KAITCH;KAE tchak;REE uh na dims. of Caitržona Kate, Katie
CŤ (m) T KAY, KEE A saint's name of obasure origin Keith
Ceallach (m) T KEL uch war; strife; bright-headed? Kelly
Ceana (f) T KEH na fair one. Kenna
Ceanag (f) T KEN ak dim. of Ceana Ceana
Ceiteirin (f) Tr KAETCH er in dim. of Caitržona, the one favored by Kay Matheson (Ceiteirin Nic Mhathan), known for being one of the four who liberated the Stone of Destiny from England in 1950. Kay
Cesan (m) T KES an spear Kessan
Ciaran (m) T KEE ur an dark, shadowy Kieran
Ciorstag, Ciorstaidh (f) Tr KIRS tag, KIRS tee dims. of Ciorstan Kirsty
Ciorstan (f) Tr KIRS tin dim of Cairistžona  (Christina) influenced by Danish Kirsten. Kirsten
Cliaman (m) Tr KLI mun from Latin, " mild; merciful" Clement
Climidh (f) Tr KLIM ee from Latin, " mild; merciful" Clementine
Clyde (m) S/A KLIDE mainly US- the river that runs through Glasgow. May mean "one who cleans," or refer to a Celtic Goddess name.
Coinneach (m) T KOIN nyuch fair (haired) one. A name possibly of Pictish origin. Kenneth
Coireall (m) T KO rull A saint's name of obscure meaning Caral
CÚiseam (m) Tr KOSH um Latin, "steadfast" Constantine
Colina (f) S/A ka LEEN a young hound- modern fem. of Colin -
Coll (m) T KOLL, KOELL form of Colla Colla
Coll (m) S/A KUL anglicization of Colla, "high; lofty" Colla
Colla (m) T KOL la lofty; high Coll
CÚmhall (m) T KOE wull ? Cowall, CÚmhghall
CÚmhan (m) T KOE wun co-birth (a twin?) Cowan
Conall (m) T KON ul high; powerful Connell
Conan (m) T KON an wee doggie -
Conchar (m) T KON chur, KON uh chur high will or desire or wolf-lover -
Conn (m) T KON free man, sense; intelligence -
Corc (m) T KOHRK heart; crimson -
Cormag (m) T KO ruh muk an old name meaning either "charioteer," or "defiler's son" Cormack
Cosgrach (m) T KOSK ruch, KOSK uh ruch victor -
Craig L KRAYG, KREG a crag
Criosaidh (f) Tr CRI see dim. of Cairistžona, influenced by Chrissie. Chrissie; Christie
Cržsdean; Criostal (m) Tr KREESH jun; KRIS tul from Greek Christopher, "Christ-bearing" Christopher, Crystal, Cržstean
Cuirealan (m) T KOO rul an dim. of Coireall -
Cýithbeirt (m) Tr COOY bersht; COOY bertch From Old English Cuthbert, "bright and renowned" Cuthbert
Cýithbreith (m) Tr KOOY brey a form of Cýithbeirt Cuthbert
Curadan (m) T KOO rut un The name of an 8th century saint.  Curitan, Boniface
Currie L KUR ee from a place name meaning 'wet marsh' Curry