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The abbreviations in the "category" column are: A=anglicization Tr=translation of a foreign name, L=primarily a last name, P=place name, S=Scots name, T=traditional native Gaelic name


Name category pronunciation meaning other forms & related names
MacAdie L mac AY dee ? ?
Macalister L mac AL is ter Mac Alasdair son of Alexander
Macara L mac AR a ? ?
Macaskill L mac AS kil ? ?
Macaulay L mac AW lee Mac Amhlaidh son of Olaf
Macbeatha (m) T mahc BEH uh son of life Macbeth
MacCall L mac CALL son of Cathmhaol, meaning 'battle chief' ?
MacCallen L mac CAL in ? ?
Maccallum L mac CAL um son of Calum (from Latin, "dove") Malcolm, Mac Chaluim
MacCammon L mac CAM in ? ?
MacClay L mac KLAY ? ?
MacColl L mac COL son of Colla Mac Cholla
MacCormack L mac COR mic son of the defiler? Son of the charioteer? Mac Chormaig
MacCorrie L mac COR ee possibly, 'son of Geoffrey' ?
Macgowan L mac GOW in son of the smith Mac S'Ghobhainn
Machar (m) T MACH ur plainsman -
MacIntyre L MAC in tyre son of the carpenter Mac an tSaoir
Maciver L mac EYE ver Mac Iomhair son of Ivor
Mackay L mac KYE son of Aodh MacAoidh
Mackendrick L mac KEN drick son of Henry  
Mackenzie L mac KEN zee son of Coinnich (Kenneth) meaning "fair" Mac Coinnich
MacKerras L mac KAIR is ? ?
MacKinnon L mac KIN nin son of the fair-born MacFhionghuain
Maclaine L mac LAIN son of the devotee of St. John MacGhiolla Eoin
Maclaren L mac LAIR en son of Laurence MacLabhruinn
Macrae L mac RAY son of Rath (prosperity) MacRath
Macrath (m) T mahc RA son of prosperity -
Macrory L mac ROR ee son of Ruadhraidh (Rory) meaning "red-haired" Mac Ruadhraidh
Madadh (m) T MA dugh canine -
Magaidh (f) Tr MAG ee  Dim. of Mairead (Margaret) Maggie
Màili; Màileag; Màireag (f) Tr MAH lee; MAHL ik; MAR ak dims. of Màiri Molly
Maighread; Mairearad (f) Tr MY rut; MEH rut; MY ru rut from Greek Margaret, "pearl" Mairead, Margaret
Mairi (f) S/A MAH ree Anglicization of Màiri Mary, Miriam
Màiri (f) Tr MAH ree from Hebrew Miriam (Mary), its meaning is long disputed. Mary, Mhàiŕ
Maisie (f) A MAY zee pet form of Margaret,  Marsaili Mysie, Maidie
Malamh́n (f) T MAL uh veen smooth brow Malvina
Malcolm (m) S/A MAL kum, MAL kulm devotee of St. Columba Mael Caluim
Malmh́n (f) T MAL veen smooth brow form of Malamh́n
Malvina (f) S/A mal VEE na name invented by Scottish writer James MacPherson Malvena
Manachan (m) T MAN uch an a monk -
Mànas (m) Tr MA nus from Latin Magnus, "great" Magnus
Maoilios (m) T MOOY lus servant of Jesus Malise, Miles
Maolḍmhnaich (m) T mool DOW nich servant of Sunday Ludovic, Ludo
Maolmoire (m) T mool MOY ruh servant of St. Mary Malmure
Maolsneachda (m) T mool SHNYACH kuh, mool SHNYECH kuh servant of snow.  Malsnacht
Maon (m) T MOON hero -
Marc (m) Tr MARK dim. of Marcas Marcus; Mark
Marcas (m) Tr MAR cas Latin, derived from the god Mars Marcus
Margery (f) A MAR jer ee pet form of Mairsaiĺ, Margaret  
Mariota (f) S/A mair ee o ta dim. of Mary and Margaret, via the medieval pet form Marriot. Mary, Marion, Margaret
Mariubhe (m) T ma RUY uh servant of the promantory -
Marsail; Maighsi (f) Tr MAR sel; MY zee dims. of Marsaiĺ Marcy
Marsailí (f) Tr MAR sa lee from Latin Marcella, a name derived from Mars, the Roman god of war. Marcella, Marsali
Marsali (f) S/A MAR sal ee Anglicization of Mairsaiĺ. Marcella, Marsailí
Marta (f) Tr MAR ta from Martha, possibly Aramaic in origin, meaning "noble" Martha
Màrtainn (m) Tr MARS tinn from Latin Martin, derived from the god Mars Martin
Mata (m) Tr MAH ta from Hebrew Matthew, "gift of God" Matthew
Maxwell L MAX well from a place name (Maccus's Wiel)  
Meadhbh (f) T MAEV she who intoxicates Meave, Maeve
Meadhran (m) T MA ran The name of a 6th century saint, now the patron of Football. Mirren
Meig (f) Tr MEK Dim. of Mairead Meg
Melrose L MEL roze from a place name meaning 'barren place'  
Melville, Melvin L MEL vil, MEL vin from a Norman place name meaning 'bad settlement'  
Mhairi (f) Tr VA hree vocative form of Màiŕ, used as a given name (compare Hamish). Mhairie, Varie
Ḿcheal (m) Tr MEE chul from Hebrew Michael, "who is like God?" Michael
Ḿchean (m) Tr MEE chan dim. of Ḿcheal Mike
Milread (f) Tr MIL rut from Old English Mildred, "mild power" Mildred
Mirren (m) S/A MIR rin the name of a 6th century saint, the patron saint of football Meadhran
Moira (f) S/A MOY ra anglicization of Màiri (Mary) Màiri, Mary
Montgomery (m) T mont GUM ree from a Norman place name  
Moireach (m) T MOE ruch sea-settlement Murray
Ṃr (f) T MORE great Sarah
Ṃrag (f) T MORE ak dim. of Ṃr Marion
Morainn (f) T MUR in sea-fair Murren
Mordag (f) T MOR dak Sea warrior Murdina
Morna (f) S/A MOR na beloved Muirne
Morrison L MORE is son MacMuiris Son of Maurice
Morven (f) S/A MOR vin mountains in NW Scotland
Muireach (m) T MOO ruch lord; master. The name of a 10th century saint Murdoch
Muireachan (m) T MOO ruch an dim. of Muireach
Muireall (f) T MOOR ul, MOOR yul sea-bright Muriel, Marion
Mùirne (f) T MOORN a affection Morna
Mungan (m) T MOON gun beloved; amiable Mungo
Mungan (m) Tr MOON gun Derived from Brythonic Munghu, "beloved." This was the medieval nickname for St. Kentigern Mungo
Mungo (m) S/A MUNG o anglicization of Mungan Mungan, Munghu
Munro L mun ROE man from Ro Monroe, Mac an Rothach
Murchadh (m) T MOOR uh chugh sea-warrior Murdo, Murdoch
Murdaigean (m) T MOOR dek an dim. of Murchadh -
Murdo, Murdoch (m) A MUR do, MUR dokh anglicizations of Murchadh  
Murray L MUR ree from a place name meaning "sea settlement" Moray, MacMhuirich