Scottish Names: All Names from A-W


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The abbreviations in the "category" column are: A=anglicization Tr=translation of a foreign name, L=primarily a last name, P=place name, S=Scots name, T=traditional native Gaelic name

Name category pronunciation meaning other forms
Failbhe (m) T FAL uh vuh this name of an 8th century abbott could mean either "lively; spritely," or "wolf-slayer" -
Faolagan (m) T FOO luk an dim. of Faolan -
Faolan (m) T FOOL an wolf -
Farquar (m) S/A FAHR kwar very dear one Fearchar
Fearchar (m) T FEH ruh chur very dear one Farquar
Feargan (m) T FER gun, FE ruh gan pet form of Fearghus? -
Fearghas (m) T FE ruh ghus supreme choice Fergus
Fenella (f) S/A fen NEL a fair shoulders Fionnghuala, Finola
Fergus (m) A FER gus supreme choice Fearghas
Filip (m) Tr FIL lip from Greek Philip, "lover of horses" Philip
Fingal (m) S/A FING ul Meaning "white stranger,"- this name used to denote Norwegian and Icelandic Vikings (as opposed to Dougal "dark strangers"- Danes). Fionnghall
Finlay (m) S/A FIN lee white warrior Fionnlaoch
Finnean (m) T FIN yan white headed -
Finola (f) A fin OH la  ang. of Fionnghual Fionnghuala, Fenella
Fiona (f) S/A fee OH na This name was invented by the Scottish writer James MacPhereson for his Ossianic poems. It is an elaboration of the name Fionn, with the -a tacked on to make it feminine.  
Fýonan (m) T FEE nan dim. of Fionn -
Fionghan (m) T FIN uh ghun fair-born -
Fionn (m) T FYOON white, fair Finn
Fionnaghal (f) T FYOON uh ghal white shoulders Fenella, Finola, Fionnghuala,  Flora
Fionnchan (m) T FYOON uh chun either a dim. of a Fionn- name, or an independant name meaning "hairy; shaggy" -
Fionnghal (m) T FYOON ghul white stranger (a Norseman) Fingal
Fionnghual, Fionnghuala (f) T FYOON ghal, FYOON ghal a white shoulders Fenella, Finola, Flora
Fionnlagan (m) T FYOON lak an dim. of Fionnlagh Finlagan
Fionnlagh (m) T FYOON lugh white hero Finlay, Findlay
Fionntan (m) T FYOON tan dim. of Fionn Fintan
Flaithbheartach (m) T FLY vyurch tuch rich dominion, lordly in action Flaherty, Laverty
Flannagan (m) T FLAUNN uk an blood-red -
Fletcher L FLECH er arrow maker Mac an Fhleisteir
Floireans (f) Tr FLO runs Latin, flourishing Florence
Flora (f) Tr FLOR a from Latin meaning "flower," Flora became popular in Scotland after Flora Mc Donald (real name; Fionnghual) helped Bonnie Prince Charlie escape.  Fionnghuala, Florrie, Florag
Fl˛rag, Fl˛raidh (f) Tr FLO ruk dims. Of Flora, Fionnghual Florrie
Forbes L FORBS from a place name meaning "at the land or place" Foirbeis
Fothadh (m) T FOE ugh Possibly derived from Votadini, a Celtic tribe living in Scotland. -
Frang (m) Tr FRANK Latin, a French man Francis
Frangag (f) Tr FRAN kuk Latin, a French man Frances
Frangan (m) Tr FRANK an dim. of Frang Frank
Frannsaidh; Fransag (f) Tr FRAN see; FRAN sak dims. Of Frangag Franny
Fraser, Frasier L FRAY ser, FRAY zher This is a Norman name probably stemming from the place name Frisselle. Because of its similarity to the French word for "strawberry", it has been associated with strawberries, which are the clan symbol. Friseal, Frazier
Friseal (m) T FREE shul Gaelic form of  Fraser (see also) Fraser, Frazier