Scottish Names: All Names from A-W


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The abbreviations in the "category" column are: A=anglicization Tr=translation of a foreign name, L=primarily a last name, P=place name, S=Scots name, T=traditional native Gaelic name


Name category pronunciation meaning other forms & related names
Rab, Rabbie (m) A/S RAB, RAB ee distinctly Scottish dims. of Robert. Rob, Robbie
Raghnall; Rghnall; Raoghalt (m) Tr ROOL; RAWL;ROO ult From Norse, "counsel rule" Ronald
Raibeart (m) Tr RA berst; RA bert From Old German, Robert "fame-bright" Robert
Ramsay L RAM zee surname dervied from from a place name Ramsaidh
Ranald (m) S/A RAN uld, RON uld Form of Ronald. (see) Raghnall, Ronald
Ranulf (m) Tr RAN ulf from the Norse name Radwulf, meaning "wolf counsel" Ralph
Raonaid (f) Tr ROO nutch From the Norse Ragnhildis, "God's fight." Raodhailt, Raonaild, Raoghnaild, Rachel
Rhoda, Rodina (f) Tr ROE da, ro DEE na feminine forms of Roderick, a name used to anglicize Ruaidhri  
Rhona, Rona (f) S/A ROE na Appearing in Scotland as a name in the 1870s, Rona may derive from "rough island", the name of an island near Skye. It may also be an anglicization of Ragnhild, or a feminine form of Ronald or Ronan.
Ridseard; Ruiseart (m) Tr RI tchurt;ROO shurt from Old German Richard, "firm rule" Richard
Risnidh (m) Tr RISH nee dim. of Ridseard Richie
Rob; Roban; Robaidh (m) Tr ROB; ROB an; ROB ee dims. Of Roibeard Rob, Robin, Robbie
Rodaidh, Rodachan (m) T Ro dee, ROT uh chan dim. of Ruairidh, influenced by the common anglicization Roderick. Roddy
Roddy (m) T RO dee dim. of Ruairidh, influenced by the Anglicization Roderick. Rodaidh
Roderick (m) A ROD er ik an old German name meaning "fame rule," this name was used to anglicize Ruaraidh (Rory). Roddy
Ridh (m) T ROY reddish- a Gaelic spelling of Roy, which is an anglicization of the Gaelic Ruadh (as in Rob Roy McGregor) Roy
Roidsear (m) Tr ROJ er from Old German Hrothgar (Roger), "fame-spear" Roger
Roithridh (m) T ROY ree ? Ryrie
Ronaidh (m) Tr RON ee dim. of Raghnall Ronny
Ronald (m) Tr RON uld form of the Norse name Rognvald, made up of elements  meaning "advice + ruler." Raghnall, Ranald, Raonull, Rognvald
Rnan (m) T ROE nan seal- from an Irish saint's name. Ronan
Rory (m) S/A ROAR ee red king Ruaidhri, Roderick
Rs (f) T, Tr ROS the rose flower Rose
Ros (m) T ROS promontory Ross
Ross (m) S/A/L RAWS promontory Ros, Ros
Rothach (m) T RO hakh man from Ro (river in Derry, Ireland) Monro
Ruaraidh (m) T ROO uh ree red king Rory Roderick, Derek
Ruarachan (m) T ROO a ruh chan dim. of Ruairidh -
Ruthven L   from a place name meaning either 'red marsh' or 'red river'