Scottish Names: All Names from A-W


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The abbreviations in the "category" column are: A=anglicization Tr=translation of a foreign name, L=primarily a last name, P=place name, S=Scots name, T=traditional native Gaelic name


Name category pronunciation meaning other forms & related names
Haki (m) Tr HAH kee Orkney form of the Norse name Haakon Hercules
Hamish (m) S/A HAY mish form of James, via the vocative form of the Gaelic Seumas, which is Sheumais. A name with Biblical origins, possibly Hebrew for "the supplanter" Seumas, Seumais
Heather (f) S/A HETH er often used in the USA after a predominant Scottish landscape feature. It's fairly popular in Scotland as well now.
Hector (m) A HEK tor This Greek name meaning "hold fast" was popular in Scotland because it was used to anglicize the name Eachann. Eachann, Heckie, Eckie
Hectorina (f) A hek tor EE na rare feminine form of Hector (see)  
H¨isdean (m) T HOOSH jun form of Uisdean -


Name category pronunciation meaning other forms & related names
Iagan;  Seocan; Seonaidh; Teig; Teonaidh (m) Tr {EE uk an; AE uk an}; SHOK an; SHON ee; TSCAEK; TCHO nee dim. of Iain Johnny; Jackie
Iain (m) Tr EE in, EE ine Gaelic form of John Ian, John
Ian (m) S/A EE in From Hebrew John, "God is gracious" John, Iain
Ibeag (f) Tr EE pak dim. of Iseabail (Isobel) Izzy, see also Bealag.
Ina (f) S/A EE na originally a pet form of -ina names (Donaldina etc) which became a name on its own
Innes L, A IN nis This surname may stem from the word for "island." It is also an anglicization of Aonghus (Angus). Innis, Aonghus
Iomhar (m) Tr EE vur from a Norse meaning "yew army" Ivarr, Ivor, Evander
Iona (f) S/A eye OH na name of a monastic Scottish island. Probably derived from a Norse word meaning "island."
Iorcall (m) Tr YOR kull; EER kull from the Greek Heracles, a name with obscure origins. It was popularized during the classical revival in the Renaissance. Hercules
Iosag (m) Tr EE sak from Hebrew Isaac, meaning possibly,  "laughter" Isaac
Irvine, Irving (m) L UR vin, UR ving from a place name in Ayrshire meaning "green water" ir afon
Iseabail; Isbeal; Iosbail (f) Tr ISH uh bel; ISH bul; EES uh bel forms of Elizabeth, via Norman Isabelle Isabelle
Ishbel (f) A, Tr ISH bel Anglicization of Iseabail (see) Isobel, Iseabail
Isla (f) S/A EYE la Name of a Scottish island--the normal pronounciation of Islay. Islay
I¨rnan (m) T YOOR nun form of Earnan -
Ivar (m) S/A EYE var from a Norse name meaning "yew army" Iomharr, Ivor