Scottish Names: All Names from A-W


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The abbreviations in the "category" column are: A=anglicization Tr=translation of a foreign name, L=primarily a last name, P=place name, S=Scots name, T=traditional native Gaelic name


Name category pronunciation meaning other forms & related names
Keir L KEER "fort"- from a place name. Its rise in popularity as a first name stems from use in honor of James Keir Hardie, founder of the Scottish Labor Party.  
Keith L KEETH from a place name meaning "wood; forest." Ceitach
Kelso L KEL so from a place name meaning perhaps, 'chalk ridge'  
Kenna (f) S/A KEN na ang of Ceana, fem. Of Coinneach, (Kenneth) meaning "fair one."
Kenneth (m) S/A KEN nith This is used as an anglicization of two names: Cinaed, meaning "child of fire," and Coinneach, meaning "fair one." Cinaed, Coinneach      
Kentigern (m) S/A KEN ti gern From a Brythonic name meaning either "head lord" or "Id do not condemn you," St. Kentigern is the patron saint of Glasgow. He is also known as Mungo.  
Kentigerna (f) S/A KEN ti gern a The anglicization of Caointeorn, the name of a 7th century saint, meaning "kind ruler." It was influenced by the Brythonic name  Kentigern, a name borne by the (male) patron saint of Glasgow. Caointeorn
Kerr L CUR or CARE derived from a place name meaning, perhaps "marsh" Cearr, Mac Ghillechearr, Carr
Kinnaird L kin NAIRD from a place name meaning 'summit; peak'  
Kirk (m) S/A KURK from the Scots word for "church" (based on the Norse word kirkja) used in many Scottish place names (i.e., Kirkcudbright, Kirkwall etc.)  
Kirsty (f) S/A KURS tee pet form of Christina, influenced by Danish Kirsten Kirsten, Kirstie, Christine, Ciorstag
Kyla (f) A KY la modern feminine form of Kyle (see)  
Kyle (m) S/A KILE, KY ull from a place name derived from Coel, the "Old King" of nursery rhyme fame. Also the name of a place meaning "narrow."