Scottish Names: All Names from A-W


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The abbreviations in the "category" column are: A=anglicization Tr=translation of a foreign name, L=primarily a last name, P=place name, S=Scots name, T=traditional native Gaelic name


Name category pronunciation meaning other forms
Gabhan (m) Tr GA vun Form of the name Gawain, of Arthurian legend. It's roots are probably Welsh. Gavin, Gawain
Gabhran (m) T GAW run, GAV run Name borne by a 6th century king of Dal Riada. -
Garbhan (m) T GAR uv an, GAR aw an rough -
Garrow L GAR oh ? ?
Gavin (m) S/A GAV in also found as Gawain. From an obscure Welsh name. Gabhan
Gibidh (m) Tr GEE bee dim. of Gilleabart Gil
Gilchrist (m) A GIL christ servant of Christ Gillechriosd
Gilda (f) A GILL da servant of God Gille Dia
Gilleabart (m) Tr GIL la burt from Old German, Gilbert, "bright pledge or hostage" Gilbert
Gilleanndrais (m) T gil AUNN drush servant of St. Andrew Gillanders
Gilleasbachan (m) T gil LES puh chan dim. of Gilleasbaig
Gilleasbaig (m) T gil LES pik servant of the bishop Archibald
Gilleasp (m) T gil ESP, gil AESP dim of Gilleasbaig -
Gilleathain (m) T gil LE en follower of St. John Gillian, Gillean
Gillebhrìghde (m) T gil luh BREE juh servant of St. Brigid Gilbride
Gillechrìosd (m) T gil luh CHREE ust servant of Christ Gilchrist
Gillian (m/f) S/A GILL ee in servant of St. John Gille Iain
Gillies (m) A GILL ees servant of Jesus Gille Iosa
Gilliosa (m) T gil LEE us uh servant of Jesus Gillies
Gillis (m) S/A GIL lis "servant of Jesus", this name is popular in the Hebrides Gille Iosa
Gillon/Gillan (m) L GIL lun "servant of St. john" Gille Iain
Gilroy L GIL roy red haired boy Gille ruaidh
Giorsal (f) Tr GIR sul Probably originally a form of Griselda, this form was influenced by the fact that it was often anglicized Grace Grace
Goraidh (m) Tr GAU ree from Norse, "God's peace" Godfrey
Gòrdan (m) Tr GOR dun Old Welsh, super fort Gordon
Gordon (m) S/A GORE din Great hill fort? from a place name
Gormal (f & m) T GAU rum ul deep blue eye Gormelia
Graham L GRAM, GRAY um from an English place name meaning "Granta's estate." This has been used in Scotland since the 12th century. Greumach
Gràinne (f) T GRAW nya From the name of a Celtic goddess, meaning perhaps "she who inspires terror", or derived from the word for "grain"--symbolizing fertility. -
Grant L GRANT Grand, big man (from French) grand
Greer (f & m) S/A, L GREER From the Greek Gregory, "watchful" Gregory
Gregor (m) L GREG ur From the Greek Gregory, "watchful" Griogair,  Gregory
Greig (m) Tr GRAEG From Persian Cyrus, "sun" Cyrus
Greudach (f) T GREE uh tuch originally a temporary name given before a girl was baptized. -
Greum (m) Tr GRE um from an English place name meaning "Granta's estate." This has been used in Scotland since the 12th century. Graham, Greumach
Griogair; Griogal (m) Tr GRI ger; GRI gal Greek, watchman Gregory
Griseal (f) Tr GREE shul from Germanic Griselda, "grey battle" Griselda, Giorsal, Grizel
Grizel (f) A gri ZEL from Germanic Griselda, " grey battle" Griseal, Giorsal, Griselda
Guaire (m) T GOOY ruh proud; noble -
Guinnein (m) T GWIN nen form of Finnean -
Guirmean (m) T GOO ruh man blue one -