Scottish Names: All Names from A-W


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The abbreviations in the "category" column are: A=anglicization Tr=translation of a foreign name, L=primarily a last name, P=place name, S=Scots name, T=traditional native Gaelic name


Name category pronunciation meaning other forms
Eachainn (m) T ECH en form of Eachann -
Eachann (m) T ECH unn horse lord, brown horse Hector
Eacharn (m) T ECH urn horse lord -
Eadalf (m) Tr EH dulf from Old English Eadwulf, "prosperous wolf" Edwulf
Eadan (m) T AE dan dim. of Aodh, meaning "fire," a Celtic sun god name Aidan
EÓirsidh (m) Tr ER tchee old German, "true and bold". A Gaelic form of Archie (see Archibald) Archie
Ealair (m) Tr Eh ler Latin, cheerful Hilarius, Hilary
Ealasaid (f) Tr YAH luh sutch; EL uh sutch from Hebrew Elizabeth, "God is my oath" Elizabeth
Eamag (f) Tr EM ak dim. of Amili  (Amelia) Emily; Emilia
Eamailinn (m) Tr EM el in from Old English Hamelin, "home?" Hamelin
Eamann (m) Tr AE mun Old English, "happy protection" Edmund
Eamhhair (f) T E ver; E wer ? - form of Eimir -
Eanrig (m) Tr YOW rik; EN rik Old German, Henry "home rule" Henry
Eapag (f) Tr EP ik Greek, "well-spoken" Effie, Eppie, Euphemia
Earail; Harailt (m) Tr EH rel; HA reltch Old German via Norse, "army-rule" Harold
Earc (m) T ERK speckled -
Earnan (m) T ERN an iron, one of knowledge Ernest
Edana (f) S/A ed ANN a an Irish saint who came to Scotland. Edinborough was originally called Dun Edana (Edana's fortress)
Effie (f) S/A EF fee short form of Euphemia, from Greek "I speak well" Euphemia
Eibhlin (f) Tr EYE leen; EV a leen Germanic, ? Evelyn
Eideard; Eudard (m) Tr AE jard; EH dard Old English, wealthy guardian Edward
Eilidh (f) Tr AY lee, Eh lee originally a dim. of Eilionoir, Eilidh is now regarded as the Gaelic form of Helen.  Ellen, Helen, Ailie
Eilionoir (f) Tr EL ee nur Greek, via Latin, light? Eleanor
Eimhir (f) T AE veer ?- legendary Celtic name -
Eircheard (m) T ER chart super craftsman -
Eithne (f) T AE nyuh kernal or grain Anna
Elliot L EL lee it Elwold from an English place name
Elspeth (f) S/A EL speth oath of God Elizabeth
Ena S EE na possibly derived from names ending in -ina, or a form of the name Eithne meaning "kernal." Ina
Eochagan (m) T YO chuk an dim. of Eochaidh -
Eochaidh (m) T YOCH ee horse rider, horse warrior -
E˛gan (m) T YO kan dim. of Eoghann -
Eoghanan (m) T YO un an form of E˛nan Hughie
E˛ghann (m) T YO un, EO un well born, youth Ewan
E˛ghnaidh (m) T YO nee, EO nee dim. of E˛ghann
E˛nan (m) T YOE nan fear? -
E˛nasdan; Seonachan (m) Tr YO nus tun; SHON uk an Hebrew, God has given Jonathan
E˛ran (m) T YOE ran dim. of E˛nan -
E˛s; E˛saidh; Se˛saidh (m) Tr YOS; YOS ee;SHO see dims. of E˛saph Joe; Joey
E˛saph; Se˛saph (m) Tr YO suf; SHO suf Hebrew, God increases Joseph
Erskine L ERS kin surname derived from a place name Arascain
EsmÚ (f & m)   EZ may from the French meaning "esteemed" or "loved" EsmÚe, Aymie, Esma
Etta (f)   ET ta dim. of names ending in -etta. It is also used as a pet form of Maighread, which was often anglicized Maretta.  
Eubh/Eubha (f) Tr AYV/AYV a Hebrew, life Eve/Eva
Euan, Ewan (m) S/A YEW in born of the yew Eoghann, Eugene
Euphemia (f) A yoo FEE mee a This Greek name means "I speak well." It became common in Scotland because it was used as an anglicization of Oighrig.  The pet forms Eppie and Effie are considered quintessentially Scottish. Oighrig, Eppie, Effie, Phemie, Fanny