Scottish Names: All Names from A-W


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The abbreviations in the "category" column are: A=anglicization Tr=translation of a foreign name, L=primarily a last name, P=place name, S=Scots name, T=traditional native Gaelic name


Name category pronunciation meaning other forms
DÓn (m) T DAWN dim. of Domhnaill influenced by the English Dan  
Davina (f) S/A da VEE na fem. of David originating in Scotland
Dearbhail (f) T JIR vel true desire Dorothy
Dearshul (f) T JER hool true eye? Tearful eye? -
Deoc; Deocan (m) Tr JOHK; JOHKan dims. of Seoc influenced by Jenkin/Jock Jack
Devorgilla (f) A dev vor GILL a true desire Diorbhail, Dearbhail, Dorothy
Diarmad (m) T JIR mut an old name with obscure roots. possibly means: "without injunction", "envy," or "free man" Dermid
Diocail (m) T JU kel The name of a 9th century monk of Iona. Diocuil
Dobharcu (m) T DOE ur choo otter -
Doileag (f) T DOL ak world ruler- fem. of D˛mhnall Dolina
Dolaidh, Donaidh (m) T DO lee, DO nee dims. of D˛mhnall Donny
Doilidh (f) T DOL ee dim. of Dearbhail Dolly
Dolina (f) S/A dol LEE na modern feminine form of Donald
D˛mhnallaidh, D˛mhnallan (m) T DOLE ee, DOE nul ee/DOE an, DOE nul an dims. of D˛mhnall -
Dona (f) S/A DOE na feminine form of Donald Donaldina, Dolina
Donald (m) S/A DON ild world-mighty D˛mhnall
Donaldina (f) S/A don ald EE na feminine form of Donald Dolina, Dona
Donnach (m) T DO nuch dim. of Donnchadh -
Donnan (m) T DON an brown a Scottish saint's name
Donnchadh (m) T DO nu chugh, DO nu chu, DOO nu chugh, DOO nu chu brown warrior Duncan
Donnchaidh (m) T DO nu chee, DOO nu chee dim. of Donnchadh -
Donnghail (m) T DO ghel, DON nu ghel ? -
Dougal (m) S/A DOO gul dark stanger- refers to Danes (as opposed to Fingal," Blonde stranger") which refers to Norwegians and Icelanders dubh gall
Douglas (m) S/A DUG las black stream Dubh glas, Doug, Dougie
Douglasina (f) A dug las EE na rare feminine form of Douglas  
Drostan (m) T DROST an offspring of Drost- possibly a Pictish name: Drostan is the forerunner of the name Tristan Tristan
Drummond L DRUM mund Drummann from a place name
Dubh (m) T DOO black Duff
Dubhag (m) T DOOW ak "black one"-- originally a nickname for someone with dark hair  
Dubhagan (m) T DOOW uk an dim. of Dubhag Dugan
Dubhshýth (m) T DOOW hee black one of peace Duffy
Dubhthach (m) T DOOW uch black Duthac, Duthas
Duff (m) S/A DUF used as a nickname for a dark haired person. Also from the Scottish surname meaning "black" Dubh
D¨ghall (m) T DOO ul, DOO ghul black stranger (a Dane) see Dougal Dougal, Dugald
D¨ghlas (m) T DOO lus black stream Douglas
Duibhne (m) T DOOEE nyuh black? -
Duncan (m) S/A, L DUN kin brown warrior Donnchadh, Mac Dhonnchaidh
DunlŔibhe (m) T doon LAWY vuh brown hill or moor MacClay, Livingston